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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An update at Week 27

I can’t believe I just typed ‘27’. I mean… if you’ve seen my stomach now, you would have thought I am due anytime soon!

And as you can tell from my lack of updates to my blog, I have been extremely busy at work.

Julien has also become very sticky to me these days. When I am alone with him especially, he wants to be carried almost all the time. Otherwise, he would throw terrible tantrums. And then, I will have a kicking baby or rather 2 kicking babies -  1 outside and 1 inside of me (#2 is very reactive and active… much more so than when I was carrying Julien. I can’t imagine when #1 meets #2!). Anyway, carrying a 22-pounder at this time of my pregnancy is certainly no joke!

Someone told me that the little kiddos know when their mums are pregnant and become more attention-seeking. Is that true??

As a result of the mental and physical stress and tiredness, I think my stomach has been feeling really taut? Or is it #2 who has been practicing too much karate inside that’s been causing the tightness? Any suggestions on relaxing a pregnant belly? Besides the option of quitting my job and/or hiring a full-time nanny..

3 comments: said...

Hi Jerb, wow you're nearly there! I'm not sure if it's entirely true, but when I was carrying #2, my toddler did have some reactions and attention-seeking behaviour. But then again, she was going through the terror-twos so...
I felt my belly was really taut during the last trimester too! Maybe the little one in your tummy is quite big? :P

Jayme Shing said...

Jiayou Jerb!!! U are almost there to holding no.2 in your arms!

Jerb said...

Hi June, yeah, maybe #2 is just bigger! ;p

Hi Shing, welcome back! And yes, I can't wait!