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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Not preparations for my #2, but rather preparations for the arrival of another addition to our family – our domestic helper, Yvonne.

When the housework has become a rare chore and you are always late for appointments as you have to prepare for yourself and baby, leaving the entire house in a whirlwind mess when you leave, and now there will be another baby on the way soon, YOU KNOW YOU GOTTA GET A HELPER.

These days, you won’t be spotting me at shopping centres. Instead you would be able to spot me at supermarkets and warehouse sales i.e. if you can recognize me with my unkempt hair and without makeup!

Well, we had been stocking up on foodstuffs and daily necessities for our new member. And we have been coming up with manuals and cleaning schedules. It’s really hard work and quite a bit of $ spent there…

We hope she turns out well – diligent, pleasant, obedient, treats us like her family. I hope she likes my sons.


I mean #1 has been very good so far. Give him a balloon and he’s happy. Smile


And he’s uber adorable now… I can’t imagine anyone hating him….!


Well, please pray together with us and for us that our domestic helper will turn out to be an angel sent from Heaven and that our lives WILL become better!

Last of all, to end of with a picture of my humongous tummy at 30 weeks…


10 more or less weeks to go!


San said...

Congrats... with the new maid, it's time to breathe from the endless housework and cleaning etc... Hahaha! :) Fingers crossed that she be THE ONE!

Jerb said...

Yes! Fingers crossed!

June said...

Praying along that she will indeed be heaven-sent, and perfect for your home. :)

Sarah said...

Hoping for the best for you! =)

Jerb said...

Thanks Mummies! So far so gooood! :)

Nat said...

Hi Jerb,
Just happened to chance on your blog for 1st time when I was looking on whether to deliver at Mt. A. Will you be delivering there again ? :)
Am currently deciding where to delivery at as I need to make a decision by next week, so hence seeking feedback.

Thanks a lot!

Jerb said...

Hey Nat, replied you at your blog! :)

Nat said...

Thanks Jerb! Just saw it, appreciate it :)
Do let me know if you have any recommendations for domestic help too! Am wondering whether to get one to help out my mil before #1 pops or to wait (and cuz I heard levy is cheaper too?)