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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Traveling with baby tips

If you had been reading my previous posts, you would have known I brought my 12 month old for his first overseas trip to Penang!

We were really excited to bring him along but were a little apprehensive about having to care for him away from the comfort of home for days!

We were mainly concerned about his comfort during the plane trip as well as his meals while overseas. Thank God we thought through everything and our preparations paid off handsomely - the trip was a really enjoyable one for us and Julien.

So here are some tips I thought I can share with you parents who are bringing your little ones overseas for the first time as well.

On the plane…

Though it was a short 1h+ plane trip, we were wondering how Julien would react to the plane setting off and landing. We heard the changes in pressure could be very disturbing for a child and one solution would be to get the child to swallow his saliva.

We prepared quite alot of ‘ammunition’ for the plane trip.

First, we brought 2 milk bottles filled with 100 ml of hot water each (the amount of 100ml per bottle is due to the restriction the airlines have for the amount of liquids allowed on board the plane). I kept the water warm in a baby bottle carrier. I also brought along 2 portions of milk powder.


I intended to feed him 1 bottle of milk when the plane sets off and then with the other bottle of milk when the plane lands.

Note: Don’t worry if the water turns cold because you could request for warm water from the stewardess.

But if your child is as hungry as mine, you would know he can polish off 100 ml of milk in no time. So, I brought along snacks like…



These should be able to last throughout the period that the plane is setting off and landing.


After the first plane trip, I concluded that the Apple & Mango Rice Pudding worked the best. It was smooth, tasty and lasted the longest! These are available in packs of 4 at Cold Storage.

Julien was indeed very well-behaved and happy throughout the journey to and fro… SmileWe were so proud and happy for him!


Meals during the holiday…

Julien usually takes 4-5 meals a day. 2 servings of milk mixed with brown rice cereal, 2 servings of porridge and 1 additional serving of milk or cereal if necessary.

For this trip, we brought packets of rice cereal (I got them free from my gynae clinic), a tin of milk powder, lots of Heinz canned baby food and some packets of organic food.

These were what we brought over to Penang for his meals…

1. Portable Pigeon Sterilizer which we borrowed from our friend.


The other alternative we had was to sterilize his bottles with sterilizing tablets from Pigeon.

2. Avent Food Warmer and Avent Cups


Very useful to warm up the various bottles of Heinz canned food. We poured the canned food into the Avent cups, placed it inside the warmer before feeding Julien. Trust me, if cold food tastes yucky to you, I can bet it taste likewise for the kiddos too!


Note: We fed him the canned food in the morning while we were still at the hotel since they require more preparation. On some of the days that we were rushing to get out of the hotel, we will keep the heated food in the Avent cups and keep them in the baby bottle carrier to keep warm. We will feed him as soon as we can since the carrier can’t keep the warmth in for too long.

3. Bowl/plate for the organic foods

We found a few packets of organic foods that were really easy to prepare even while on the go. Found them at Cold Storage as well.


Just soak the entire packet into hot water for a few minutes (I brought a bowl for this and covered it with the feeding plate to keep it warm)…. And wella! It’s ready for eating.



Easy to prepare, easy to feed.

4. Hot water flask and milk powder container


Remember to bring this with you! Useful to bring hot water around for heating the food, preparing the milk etc.

I guess no need to explain for the milk powder container.

5. Feeding spoons, wet tissues, plastic bags

For each day that I went out, I brought 2 feeding spoons. 1 for preparing the milk, another for feeding baby foods. You could of course bring 1 spoon and wash it after each feed. But for me, I thought it’s more convenient to bring more than 1 spoon out just in case.

I also brought a pack of plastic bags to keep the dirty cutlery in my bag or for easy disposal of rubbish like dirty tissues.

And do bring lots of wet tissues for cleaning up after meals. It can be a messy affair to feed the baby as you know!

The list above should not be exhaustive… And it’s a list that we thought of and had worked wonderfully for us. No guarantee for your child though we hope it can help in your planning of a wonderful holiday with your family! Enjoy!


Kelvin Ang said...

I noticed that you have brought along the stroller!

U checked it in I supposed? I am now at a dilemma as to when I should start to bring Jayden out on overseas trips. I was actually planning on waiting for him to be able to walk and now, after reading more of your overseas posts, I am more than eager to bring him for holidays soon!

Jerb said...

Hi Kelvin, we did not check the stroller in. We got our stroller tagged at the check-in counter or at the gate, then left it at the entrance of the plane where the staff will keep the stroller. When we reached, we collected the stroller at the same place.

Where will u be bringing your family for a holiday? :) said...

Thanks for sharing, Jerb. This will come in handy when we go to Bali next year (baby J will be about 10 mths old by then). There's TOO much to think abt when travelling with kids!

Anonymous said...

Great tips! Btw, were there difficulties in making julien nap or sleep at night due to unfamiliar environment? I'm so looking forward to bringing my 10 month old boy for a short getaway but dread about making him sleep at night. So afraid he would wake the whole hotel up!

Jerb said...

Hi June! Thanks for popping by. I agree with you... travelling with the kids definitely require much thought and preparation!

Jerb said...

It wasn't hard to get Julien to sleep because (1) the bed was really comfy and the hotel room was nicely air-conditioned (2) he was worn out by the trips we made and would definitely fall sound asleep when he needed to. Shouldn't be a problem for the babies to sleep! ;)