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Monday, September 05, 2011

Julien’s 1st Birthday!

Ju 1st Bdae-A1

12 months just zooooomed past like that! Our dearest Julien is finally ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!

We organized a small and humble celebration at our house last Saturday. Here are the pics!

its my bday


Julien entertaining the friends…


And entertaining himself with the huge balloons! We tied a baby balloon to his walker…. his ‘bodyguard’ for that day!

big balloon


Julien’s friend Ansel also came… Smile


Edmund Tan blessing the 2 potential dads-to-be…

p dads

Great grandmom who LOVES her great grandSON.


Proud grandparents!


Us parents and his wacky aunties and uncle!


All of us had so much good food that day… all except for … the birthday boy. Oops!

dad and mom

Now here’s the cake-cutting sessionS. Our dear boy has got THREE cakes that day!

For round 1, we were not too sure how Julien would react to so many people staring and mass singing Happy Birthday to him… We had been training him by singing the song loudly to him for the few days leading up to this celebration.

cake 1

When the loud singing happened, we were so glad to see Julien beaming with joy!

Us proud parents decided to reward Julien (and of course because it’s his birthday) with a little bit of chocolate cake.

choc cake treat

And of course, he received the cake with great eagerness!

He absolutely LOVED it!


Cake #2

cake 2

Again, Julien seemed to like the attention when the family sang their Happy Birthday to him.

And finally, cake #3


So, that ended a nice, long day of celebration for our dear son. We want to wish Julien a


We all love you soooo much and thank God for you!



Kelvin Ang said...

Happy birthday Julien!

Jayme Shing said...

Happy Birthday to the adorable smiley boy Julien!!! <3

San said...

Happy birthday Julien! Three cakes for his FIRST birthday? Haha... I love the 2-layer cake! Super nice!

Edmund said...

Happy Bdae! :) Glad to see that Julien had a great day!