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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

We were really looking forward to our first ever extended family trip overseas, which coincidentally was Julien’s 1st trip overseas as well.

13 of us from 3 different generations traveling together in Penang… We could jolly well form a tour group!



We were really glad that Julien did not cry or fuss during the entire 1+ hour plane trip. In fact, he was really cheerful! We suspect he knows he’s going for a holiday. Smile


We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. Not exactly near downtown Penang but we’ve heard it’s quite a happening place to stay plus we’ve got a great package deal together with the air tickets!





The huge pool here looks quite exciting too! 1.4 metres deep in some areas which makes for some good serious swimming for some of us to exercise………


Half of the pool’s perimeter was surrounded by sand… to simulate the beach feeling. Not too difficult to achieve that effect actually since the real thing is just yonder the pool! Can you see the sea from the above picture? 

And most importantly 3 big slides to entertain our 7 yr old nephew and 3 yr old niece! Complete with a mini water play park too!


For parents bringing their kids, you may be interested to know there is a small play room for kids just opposite the pool area called Little Rock.

There’s also a live band playing every night at the hotel lobby. Huge rattan beds are placed in front of the stage so that couples can lounge there and enjoy the live music.


We also had a choice of breakfast venue… indoor or outdoor.

Here’s the one outdoors.


Now here is our room. Pretty spacious and comfy.



The toilet has an interesting concept of having a sliding mirror. You can slide it such that you get a picture of Elvis and even align the side panels so that you can oversee the room outside. Some inspiration there for the design of our next master bedroom…


And by the way, Julien’s favourite part of the room is – the BED. Have I mentioned to you the new skill that he has acquired over the last 1-2 weeks? Sitting up by himself from a lying down position. This skill was very well practiced during the time we were there at the hotel!


We reached the hotel in the late afternoon and after a tunch, we decided to bring Julien for his first swim at a REAL swimming pool! (You can read about the other time he went swimming indoors here.)



Does he look excited or apprehensive??



I think the cold water caused some enthusiasm (that is if it were there in the 1st place!) to leak…



Father and son bonding…

Julien’s tolerance in the pool was maxed out at 0.5 hours. And the sun set just in time for kodak moments!





Lastly, leaving you with a picture of innocent-looking (& shivering) Julien wrapped in Hard Rock purple!


Will be sharing with you more about our Penang trip in the next few posts!


Kelvin Ang said...

Wah. Really envy you. You guys keep travelling!!!

Jerb said...

It;s our time 'off' from stressful SG! ;)

Edmund said...

Looks like really very fun! :) Must go as well...