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Friday, September 02, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday to Dad!

If my Dad was still around on earth, he would have turned 60 today. It has been 13 years since Dad has passed away.

This post is dedicated to my awesome Dad.

After he passed away, Val did a scrap book so that we will never lose the memories of him… My siblings and I were then 18, 16, 10 and 8 years old.


My dad was the bestest family man ever. Best daddy to us, best hubby to my mum and best son to my grandma.

My mum and he did not earn alot but he scrimped and saved and was super thrifty towards himself so that he could give our big family of 4 children a comfortable life.


(Dad at his workplace… He was a diligent man)

I remembered him wearing torn socks, bringing bread for breakfast and sometimes lunch to work… But 2 years before he passed on, he managed to put us in our dream house – an Executive 2-storey mansionette.

He was such a patient and doting father towards us and wrote down many important details in life such as our birthdates.


(We couldn’t capture the rest of our birthdates in this 1 photo)

He would bring us for night walks in the park or for joyrides to Changi airport after dinners. On weekends, he would bring us to play badminton and go grocery shopping at Parkway Parade. On our birthdays, he would bring us to the beach to play. We LOVE spending time with Dad…


(Val and me and Dad MANY MANY years ago…)


(Us and Dad on his birthday in his latter years)

Most importantly, Dad was also the one to bring our entire family to Christ in 1989. All except grandma.

But sadly, he was diagnosed with cancer in late 1997… He struggled with it for the next 7 months…

photo (8)

(Dad when he lost his hair after the many chemotherapy sessions)

Instead of losing his faith in God, he grew stronger and even counselled his friends and church members to trust in God and reconcile any differences they had with each other. My grandma also eventually turned to the faith by his testimony. He is AMAZING….

Though God took him away in July 1998, we can all no doubt confirm that our Dad had fought the good fight, had finished the race, had kept the faith.

Till today, to my siblings and I, Dad is a role model in our lives… I want to be as awesome a parent as my Dad was to all 4 of us.


(Me and Dad when I was a baby/toddler)

How I wish Dad could see us all grow up, serve God in various ways, earn our own incomes, see me get married and spend time with his grandchildren… But we can only remember him in our hearts and memories for now….

Happy birthday to our hero, our Dad…..!

Love, Jerb, Val, Jas & Dan


jotoh said...

Kudos to your parents in raising 4 wonderful children! :)

Del said...

This is a very touching post! Yr dad is such a great father!

Jayme Shing said...

I teared when I read this entry, v touching! I am sure your dad must be beaming with pride from heaven when he sees the 4 of u! :)

Edmund said...

Very Touchng Post. Would have been honored to have met him