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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Food of Penang (Part 1)

When you think of Penang, you think of famous, cheap, unhealthy, delicious hawker food. We were trying to diet before our trip to save up space for the calories, fats and cholesterol we knew we were about to gain.

Now here are some of the hawker food we tasted during our trip. Drool on!

Enca Cafe @ Batu Ferringhi

enca cafe

This cafe which I heard was opened by a Bangladeshi, is situated diagonally across the road from Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. We just landed and were eager to find something to eat nearby.

This cafe even had a photo album of their food.


They had chinese and western food on their menu but I thought it’s safer to order their specialty!


Garlic and onion naan! We ordered delicious spicy chicken potato curry and healthy dhal (a bean paste) to go with it. Simple but absolutely yummy!



Hubby who is not a fan of North Indian cuisine, ordered pizza. I must say, pizzas are not their forte…



The cafe was not crowded, quite clean, service was good though we had to wait for our food quite abit. North Indian food especially the curries are very good. However, I guess the location of the cafe (opposite many hotels) is one good reason for not selling their food cheap. We visited this cafe twice.

Gerai Makanan & Minuman Long Beach @ 98A, Batu Feringgi, 11100 Penang


This small hawker centre is near Golden Sands Resort Hotel, down the road from our hotel.


As this was our first hawker eat-out at Penang, we ordered with a vengeance…


Or-luak or oyster omelette.

I think SG’s is so much better. We tried this dish at a couple of places in Penang and concluded that we will never order it in Penang again.


Char Kway Teow. Average…


Black Hokkien Mee… You can’t find the same in SG. Nice!


BBQ chicken. Average.


Satay, also average.


The wanton mee in Malaysia is just different from SG’s. The noodles are more ‘Q’ and the sauce is nice in it’s own way.


Delicious pancake from the stall Pancake King.

We were told the food here is definitely not one of the best!

Well, the saving grace is that there’s a long pasar malam outside this hawker centre and we could walk our calories away here!


Ah Leng Char Koay Teow, Khoon Hiang Cafe @ Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Penang

It is supposed to be the 2nd best Char Kway Teow in this land according to our driver.


The uncle was cooking up a storm.


And when you come here for the Char Kway Teow, please remember to order it with chilli. It’s not very spicy and definitely more tasty than the non-chilli version.



The dish was tasty and good alright but somehow we prefer the SG version. This is because the SG version is sweeter than the saltish one available here.

And Jas was so happy to be able to get such a huge packet of ice milo for only SGD0.80!


But, Char Kway Teow + Milo = Perfect diet disaster.

Note: Do visit the stall before 2.30pm. It closes by then.

Famous Chendul – Chinatown

We passed by a road side stall at Chinatown with a long snaky queue. We were too full to stomach anything else but managed to snap some photos of this famous chendol stall.



Cheap and looks really good! Must try next time…

A food street @ Magazine Road (near Trader’s Hotel)

Our driver told us this place’s food is better than Gurney Drive’s. Serious?!

We can’t tell for sure cos we skipped Gurney Drive.





It was a really hustling and bustling street with lotsa food stalls.


The shrimp paste tasted like there’s marmite?…


I love the beef noodles. Not too heavy..


Loh bak…Very similar to SG’s version of wuxiang.


Char Kway Teow that turned out to be carrot cake??


Penang Laksa.. Not my kind of food so I didn’t try this.


My hubby loves loves loves their prawn noodles.


Don’t think you can go wrong with wanton mee here in Penang.


My SIL thinks this BBQ stingray is way too fishy… Well, no more space in my stomach for this by then!

All in all, the food here came very shortly after we ordered them and it was indeed our best hawker experience in Penang!

Note: We heard that the tangyuan here is famous. Do try it!

Will share more goodie foodie in Part 2!

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--andy-- said...

hi, we love street food, and you got a generous coverage here. Will be referencing your Penang posts for more ideas. Thanks, Andy (SengkangBabies)