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Friday, September 09, 2011

Balloons, Food and Cakes!

These were the three most important elements for our small but colorful celebration for little Julien. Some people had asked where we’ve gotten these items from and so I’ll be sharing here.



We’ve got the animal themed wordings HAPPY BIRTHDAY - $1.50 and Sesame Street bouquet of 5 balloons - $36.90 here.

I’m a fan of Sesame Street (I’d definitely love to catch a Sesame Street movie!) and I love this giant Elmo in the bouquet!


We also got this Big baby balloon - $12.90.


To add more color to the place, we bought Sesame Street colored helium balloons in blue, red, yellow at $1.20 each.


These reasonably-priced balloons were bought from Yeo GM Trading.



We got our food from this not so well known caterer – J & J Catering. No, it’s NOT a caterer that’s linked to me (Jerb) & Jared! One of Jared’s colleagues highly recommended this caterer as she has been their customer for the past 5 years and it turned out  to be a spot-on choice especially so for their wide variety!


We’ve got sotong youtiao, mee siam with gravy, thai chilli fish fillet, pineapple fried rice…


…mixed vege with scallop cake, curry chicken, paper wrapped chicken (WOW!), coffee pork ribs…

And we also ordered black pepper steak (don’t expect slabs of juicy steaks!), honey dew sago dessert and fruit punch.

A good and delicious deal indeed!


Here’s cake #1 for presentation purpose.


Based on what I’ve sampled thus far, most of the good-lookers are not the most delicious cakes around. So as I’ve said, this is mainly for presentation purposes... the contents are essentially the all-familiar choco chip sponge cake. We’ve gotten this from our good ‘ol friend’s sister’s – Pat’s Pastry. Check them out for other beautiful designs and delicious pastries like brownies and apple strudel!

Cake #2 and #3 are for the indulging of our taste-buds. :)


A strawberry cheesecake from Bakerzin and



Delicious Chocolate Deluxe cake from Royals. It’s almost like eating a giant Ferrero Rocher!

Hope the above info helps!


Kelvin Ang said...

The Royals cake really look delicious and I completely agree that those nice foundant cakes are usually not the best tasting stuff.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your Happy Birthday wordings from?