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Monday, August 22, 2011

My future Yao Ming?

Today was the opening ceremony of a new toy for Julien….



The first thing Julien did when I passed him the ball was….


Whoa! Doesn’t he look like he is going to aim and shoot right through the hoop??! He looks pro too! FUTURE YAO MING??! *Heart bursting with pride*

Wait a minute…

Instead of throwing, he started to inch forward…



Hmmm…. Nevermind if he needs to come MUCH closer to take aim…. It’s his first time! Julien looks like he is going to throw the ball into the hoop until


Julien withdraws the basketball and hugs it tightly…

“Mummy, can I just play with the ball? It’s mine… I don’t want to throw it away… Pleassseeeee?”

Ok…. And after fiddling with the ball and dropping it, he decides to play with the stand itself.


Well, mummy is still hopeful there is some potential within my son to be a world-class basketballer.

We shall not give up! Open-mouthed smile

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