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Monday, August 15, 2011

Lunch @ Todai Restaurant, Marina Bay Sands

My sis-in-law spotted a great lunch deal online. 30% off lunch buffet at Todai Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands!

When I first entered the restaurant, the first thought that came to my mind was… “The place is BIG!”

Here’s one part of the dining area where we sat.

dining area

They even have VIP rooms.


Here, you can expect seafood, interesting sushi, Western, Chinese, Korean… kinda international.


Here are some of the food areas…

Cooked food sections:

cooked food area

cooked food area 2

This buffet is definitely NOT for dim sum lovers…

dian sum area

SUSHI! Very interesting selection of sushi available. Not only do they have the usual raw fish atop the rice roll, they also have alot of Singaporean sushi creations (There was a sushi named “Merlion”!). The use of chilli sauce, cheese wrap, lots of mayo, even a deep-fried sushi convinced me that they are out to win the hearts of the Singaporeans.

sushi area

Pasta and pizza counter!


And here are some of the food we took.

My MIL grabbed fresh crabs rightaway!


Meats galore!


My favorite food for this buffet…. Sushi yummy!

I seem to have a crazy craving for sushi when I am pregnant… Same when I was pregnant with Julien.

sushi 1

sushi 2

There were only 2 types of pizzas available but they were oh-so-deliciously-thin crusted!


A trio potato. There’s definitely sweet potato in this… but I couldn’t guess the other 2 kinds of potato. The mayo dressing absolutely complemented this petite serving… I felt like I was eating totally mashed up potato salad!

potato trio

Fresh prawns.


Yummy ribs. Just a tad too salty?


Ok, some vege to balance out the meat intake today.


And lastly, tempura and more meat!


Nice ambience, good and prompt service and a wide variety of delicious food, I should be visiting this place soon again!

By the way, you may be happy to know that MBS offers complimentary parking for 6 hours from 10am – 4pm on Mondays-Thursdays. Just spend S$20 in a single receipt and claim your free parking at the concierge!

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