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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Julien’s toys

This is not just my blackberry.


It is also my son’s favoritest toy.

Give him his real toys – building blocks, rubber balls, soft toys and he will fiddle with them for a few minutes and then dump them aside.

Give him a handphone and he will play with it for minuteS longer…. before throwing it on the floor.

When we bring him out to restaurants, I also noticed he preferred the spoons and bowls rather than the toys we brought out for him.


When we bought a rubber duckie to entertain him during bath time, he would play with the cup I use for pouring water over him… use his fingers to inch up the wall…. then get bored and cry… He just ignores the rubber duckie!

Well, maybe we should stop wasting our time and $ and start focusing on developing the scholar in him instead!




Xia said...

Haha! Quite the same as Aaric! His favorites: my BB, straws, bowls, spoons, wet wipes' box, diaper cream, and any cards that we use!

Maybe you can try rotating his toys, for eg. don't give him the same toys everyday. :)

Jerb said...

I suspect maybe it's boys at this age... they play with umm more practical stuffs?

evelynneo said...

Hi Jerb,

Xi En is exactly the same! He likes the "not-toys" toys. :)
We concluded that we should just not buy anymore toys for him! haa..

btw - Julien is growing to look more and more than Jared! So cute lah! :D

Jerb said...

Yes, this revelation is going to save us some $$!