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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Julien’s 1st year birthday is coming!


My cutie’s 1st ever birthday here on planet Earth is coming in less than a month’s time!

We have decided to throw a simple birthday celebration with the family on the weekend before his actual birthday. And the following weekend, we are organizing our 1st ever family overseas trip to Penang! Family = Jared, Julien & I + my in-laws and my sis-in-law’s family + my siblings! CAN’T WAIT!!!

In the meantime, I am still thinking about some stuffs for the small celebration we are going to have for Julien. Here is my checklist…

  • Clothes for Julien to wear: Settled! OverSpent at Gap online…. waiting for the shipment to arrive!
  • Venue: Settled! Couldn’t get a chalet in time and so we decided – Home is BEST Party smile.
  • Birthday cake: Good looking vs good tasting?
  • Food to feed 30 pax: Traditional Chinese catering buffet spread? Home cooked food? Macdonald’s??!!

As time is running short, I really need to make up my mind about the food and cake soooon. Any ideas and recommendations? Please share!


San said...

So fast!!! :) Hey, check out Smiling Orchid for cakes. Heard from Hsin Yi their cakes are very affordable, and nice to boot!

Jayme Shing said...

Love this pic of Julien! He looks soooooo adorable here!

Clara said...

Hey, you can try
Her cupcakes/cakes are really good. Especially if you choose those with buttercream instead of fondant. It is definitely mouth watering and perfect for picture taking.
And I agree, smiling orchids buffet is quite affordable and the food is pretty good!

Jerb said...

Thanks for your recommendations!