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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hin Hollywood Canteen

Wonderful memories flooded to my mind the moment we reached this area tucked away off Tanjong Katong Road.

If you were a stranger to this place, you may not decide to have a meal here.


Small, cramped, untidy, almost dilapidated.

Little would you expect to find a few gems of a stall here in this small canteen!

My colleagues and I purposed to visit this place for lunch as the mostly aged stall owners are counting down to the last few days of their tenancy here…. after half a century of operations.


I passed by this ordinary-looking tree situated firmly outside the canteen. Almost every Sunday from the years 1999 – 2002, my church friends and I would, due to a lack of space, set up table under this very tree to have our lunch. We risked falling leaves and bird shit dropping into our savoury bowls and heads! I will definitely miss this tree for sure too…. Nostalgic indeed…

When we reached the canteen at a quarter to two pm, it was still hustling and bustling with the lunch crowd.


Judging from the queue at the wanton mee stall, it must be delicious! Strangely, I couldn’t recall ever having it during those old days. Not a big wanton mee fan anyway…


The char kway teow looked good too but I did  hear of a couple of cockroach incidents related to this stall… You may still want to support this really old char kway teow uncle chef and order a plate for compassion sake! Say your grace before tucking in!

I remembered I only ate 2 things here – Duck porridge/rice and dry ban mian. Many of my friends and I believed the stall here invented the dry ban mian. I don’t really care about its history, I just know I love it!



We decided to order and eat like there’s no tomorrow (true in a sense!). Here’s a feast for your eyes!

Dry Ban Mian.

With fried shallots and anchovies and drenched in a slightly sweet black sauce + chilli.


The soup that accompanied it. Inside the soup are minced pork, vegetables, fishcake, mushrooms and egg.


Duck meat.


Delicious chilli.


Tau pok and egg.


We finished almost every morsel of food on the plates.


Some info that you may be interested to know.

  • The canteen will shut down by the end of August.
  • A few weeks ago, I wanted to come here for a late lunch at 3pm. By then most of the stalls are closing as they had sold out their food… Come early!
  • The ban mian & wanton mee stall has no plans of relocation as yet.
  • The duck rice stall will be shifting to Sims Place Market & Hawker Centre.


  • And here’s the address of the canteen if you are interested to visit over the next few days.

Tanjong Katong

57 Tanjong Katong Road


It’s beside the soon-to-be-gone-too Lion City Hotel.


San said...

Wah, thank God I didn't blog cos the food looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more delish on your camera than my sad BB. :P

I will *sob!* miss HW Canteen!!!

Jerb said...

Me too!

Raymond said...

Hi there,

Some how I stumbled on your blog while looking for Mt. Alvenia delivery.

I was at this place last Thursday as well, going to miss one lunch place.

thanks for sharing!

Jerb said...

Hi Raymond, thanks for dropping by!

Gilbert said...

Hi, i heard from the boss of hollywood lian kee duck rice will open on 21/09/11. due market cleaning on 19/09/11 to 20/09/11.

Raymond Ong said...

I will miss the Macdonalds there. I remember snatching fries before the bus ferries me home after children church! haah

Anonymous said...

wanton mee had been shifted to Haig Road Market