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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Family BBQ @ West Coast Park

A couple of Saturdays ago, my very enthusiastic, fun-loving family (Mum’s side), organized yet another family outing – BBQ @ West Coast Park!

I had always enjoyed family BBQs… one, for it’s food. Instead of the usual hotdogs, garlic bread (to stuff u) and chicken wings I get at youth outings, I get to eat sumptuous seafood, otah, satay, curry chicken and MORE! Party smile


And of course, not forgetting the social aspect of BBQ! Have I ever mentioned that I have wonderful uncles and aunties and cousins and nephews and niece and Filipino maids of the various families?

A short intro here to some of them:

I have a couple of very interesting uncles…

First up, our family’s very own… Eric Clapton?!


As for the next uncle, when we first sighted him, we thought we’d find gold at West Coast Park.

But we realized later that he probably just wanted to see us better. Hehehe…


(Actually this uncle is our family’s very ‘on’ photographer and videographer. Maybe the head lamp helps to create a better flash function in photos??)

Here are the fittest of the lot – My mum’s brothers. Both swim ALOT, I guess even now. Really put the rest of us to shame.


Here are some of the pretty, well-maintained aunties I have…. yeah, I have to admit this good gene runs in da family.


Me and Julien!


Here’s a pic of how many family members turned up that night… And I can roughly tell, it’s Almost full force!


And Jared had a shocking revelation that night. My 3 other cousins, the only married ones with kids, had among them 5 hyperactive boys and 1 girl…. He is praying very hard THIS doesn’t run in da family! Surprised smile

All in all, this BBQ was really a great time of catching up with my relatives. I really have to hand it over to the few who always organize the family outings, even after Grandma passed away last year. These outings when attended by everyone enthusiastically, really bonds the relatives together.

Looking forward to the Karaoke session next!


(Us 3Js and some of the oh-so-cool cousins!)

*Photo credits: My cousin Teo Sulin.

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