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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Absolute Thai at Century Square and Me @ 20 weeks (Halfway!)


Yes, that’s me at 20 weeks! I actually look slimmer in this photo. Many of my friends had commented that my tummy had grown very big, very fast!

I can’t believe it that I am halfway through my pregnancy now. It seems so much faster than when I was carrying Julien!

Next Monday, I will be going for my detailed scan. By then, I would most probably be able to announce or rather confirm the gender of Baby J Junior… Exciting!

Anyway my family recently went to Absolute Thai at Century Square for dinner. It was the first time I’ve ever seen this restaurant. And yes, that shows how long I have absent myself from the shopping belt at Tampines Central. Sad smile

We liked the ambience and setting of the restaurant.




Part of the pretty ambience… heehee…


And here are the food we ordered!

Pineapple rice.

p rice



Beef noodles.


Tom Yum Seafood Soup with udon.


Red Curry.

red curry

Green Curry.

green curry

The service at this place was good. Waitresses were friendly (maybe because we went slightly earlier than the dinner peak hours). Honestly, I think the food is only slightly above average. The best tasting in my opinion was my order of Phad Thai which I forgot to snap a picture of!

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