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Monday, July 18, 2011

A pregnant-woman-with-a-baby drama

It was a peaceful afternoon, a Monday afternoon that I kinda looked forward to because instead of staying at home alone with Julien, I had fixed a lunch time appointment with a long-time friend to do some catching up.

And because my MIL was going out, I had to bring Julien along as well.

We met up at a cafe at Bedok Point. I did not feel like eating then, yet I could not imagine eating anything healthy and bland and so I ordered a flavorful steak and coke light.

After a couple of mouthfuls of the steak and some fries, I felt I could not stomach anything else. I took out Julien’s cereal mix and prepared to feed him.

All was peaceful until then.

I suddenly felt excessive saliva in my mouth. Never had I felt this way before. After feeding Julien for awhile, I felt a sudden great urge to puke and grabbed a plastic bag nearby and vomited… alot of air.

I excused myself to go to the Ladies and my friend took over to feed Julien.

When I went back to the cafe, Julien was wailing and his hands dirty with cereal. My friend and a waitress were trying to pacify my little one. Gosh, I felt so sorry!

I ‘rescued’ my friend and carried my crying son who then fell asleep on my shoulders. He had missed his morning nap and was very tired… No wonder he was cranky!

I sat down with Julien asleep against my chest. Then I tried to bring things back to normal once again by conversing with my friend again…

I could not eat anymore and just drank a cup of water. Then behold, I felt like vomiting AGAIN! God help me…..

My friend saw tears welling up in my eyes and asked the waitress for a plastic bag. The bag came in time cos I straightaway vomited part of the pathetic portion of food that I had ate.

I quickly called for my FIL to come and fetch me. And so my friend and I left the cafe.

The worst part of this drama had not happened yet until NOW….

While carrying Julien out of the cafe, I felt like vomiting again! OMG!!!

I covered my mouth… and (sorry for the gross details) the puke came out. I headed for the Ladies. During the short distance to the Ladies, I puked 3 times into my hand! A passerby even noticed and asked me if I needed help….

In the Ladies, with Julien in my arms, I puked and puked and puked….


I felt so bad towards my friend, the waiters from the cafe and the toilet aunty who had to clean my mess….

I am wondering if it was food poisoning? Cos I do have morning sickness and felt nauseous but I had never vomited like this before!

I messaged my hubby about this and he told me pregnant me should not be going out with Julien ALONE.

No buts, no excuses, I gladly agreed.

What an afternoon!


Klessis said...

Dramatic INDEED!!! =X

San said...

Yikes!!! What an experience. Thankfully it was near your place!

Edmund said...

Oh my...wat an adventure! :)

Jayme Shing said...

Wahhh Jerb... thats really drama!!