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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The difference between Baby #1 and Baby #2

I am at 14+ weeks now. And I almost lost track….

Well, I noticed there are some differences between me having Baby #1 and Baby #2…

Besides the pregnancy symptoms like:

1. My bump is much more obvious now at an earlier stage.

Many already guessed I was pregnant at 2 months! (Most of them were afraid to ask me cos they were wondering if I grown a tummy!)

Look at the difference in the Week 14 photos below…

Baby #1

Wk 14

Baby #2 (taken today)

Baby 2

I’ve heard that subsequent pregnancies tend to show up bigger and faster than the first. But I am really hoping that I don’t become SO big and clumsy during the last few weeks of my pregnancy! *Fingers crossed*!

2. I suffer slight morning sickness for my two pregnancies. However, for Julien, nausea and loss of appetite ceased at week 9.

For this one, I am STILL wondering when the nausea and loss of appetite will go away… :(

There were also differences in the way I treat both pregnancies…

1. For Julien, I tracked my pregnancy on my What To Expect app by the day. I got so excited that I sometimes read forward…  and backwards a few times.

For J Junior, I track my pregnancy every 1-1.5 weeks.

2. For Julien, I read books on pregnancy. Thress books at one time…

For J Junior, let’s say… It’s been internalized and memorized so I don’t need to read anymore? :p

3. For Julien, we visited MANY sales and went into a shopping frenzy….

For J Junior, he/she shall enjoy the hand-me-downs.

4. During my 1st pregnancy, I was VERY, ULTRA careful not to do anything vigorous especially during my 1st trimester…

But guess what I did when I was 1 month pregnant this time round?


Play ATV in Phuket!!!

Read more about my adventure here!

I had since promised myself to ‘repent’ and behave myself after my Phuket trip!

Honestly, I think I tend to be more relaxed this time round since I have already experienced pregnancy and childbirth so recently. I am trying not to come to a place of complacency though!

I also feel this pregnancy is not as easy for me as compared to my first and so I need to take better care of myself really!

To all the mums with more than one kids out there, do you all feel more relaxed with each additional pregancy(s) too?


Denise and Debbie said...

Congrats! I am one of those who noticed your bump but didn't ask. At least you know that there is no gossip in the office :) 2nd pregnancy tends to be bigger bcos "once stretched", it would never be the same again.... the phrase works for tummy too!

San said...


Jerb said...

Thanks Dawn! :)

And thanks for the assurance San! ;p