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Monday, July 11, 2011

Bao Today

My family and I decided to finally try this dim sum place with a catchy name – Bao Today (包今天).

We were deciding whether to go for a dim sum buffet or just settle with ala carte and we eventually chose the latter option.

We heard that the outlet at Raffles Place is the most spacious but closed on weekends and so we went to the one at Marina Square. Don’t expect a comfortable setting here… instead of cushioned chairs, they offered stools. Well, we came here for the food and nothing else!

Now are the pics of the many food we ordered! Looks so good that the little one wanted to grab some too!


First up the mains…

Beef brisket noodles

Beef noodle

Century egg porridge

ce porridge

I thought the porridge was a tad bland… Maybe we are supposed to add our own soya sauce.

Chicken curry with the option of noodle/rice or buns… This is not the typical Chinese curry. It had a slight taste of Indian spice… 


Maggi mee?


The hubby calls this his ‘comfort food’. This set came with a custard pudding…

Now for the rest of the dim sum!

Mushroom dumpling


Banana red bean pancake

banana red bean

Pan-fried carrot cake

carrot cakeThe healthier version – steamed carrot cake

steam carrot 

Our favorite HK style chee cheong fun!

With char siew…

char siew roll

And with prawns…I prefer this one…

prawn roll

My all-time favorite dim sum… a must-have… Chicken claws!


 chicken claws

Strange-looking green buns…

green bao

It’s actually custard bun… You can taste the salted egg yolk inside too!

bun inside

The custard filling that day was a tad dry. The hubby said the Raffles Place buns he tried the day before were heavenly as the custard were oozing out!

Paper wrapped chicken. The restaurant’s recommendation but I was too full to try…

paper wrapped chicken

Prawn mango fritters

prawn mango

Juicy siew mai

siew mai

And a large cup of yuan yang to wash down all the food!

Yuan Yang

All in all, the 5 of us spent $122. Here’s our verdict:

1. We finished up about 25 plates of food and were VERY full.

2.  The mains were rather disappointing.

3. The dim sum was above average.

4. Don’t bother about ambience.

5. This place is much cheaper than going for a buffet!

We’ll definitely go back there for the dim sum!

Raffles Place Branch

55 Market street, #01-01
Tel: 6438 8800

Marina Square Branch

6 Raffles Boulevard,
#02-234/ 235/ 236
Tel: 6336 2237


xiaoser said...

wow...that is ALOT of food...yummy....drooling...haaha...and i saw my FAV maggie mee...haha

Jerb said...

Yes, ALOT of food indeed! *Burp!