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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby milestones: 8-10 months old

In a twinkling of an eye again, Julien is about 1.5 months away from his 1st year birthday!

The last 3 months had been so amazing for us as first time parents. Julien has become such a fun little boy to play with!

Take a look at his many cheeky expressions!


(This is his and our current favorite!)


dun care


I thank God that He remembered my prayers – that Julien be a happy and smiley boy. He absolutely loves being tickled, and for us to play ‘shocking’ games with him, eg: peek-a-boo, with you shouting his name loudly when you reveal yourself.

But about 2-3 months ago, I was getting abit worried as my dear boy could not really sit properly and all his peers around him were already sitting independently.

The kiasu parents in us sent him for a free development assessment at the nearest polyclinic!

dev ass

warm up

(Here’s our boy doing his warm-ups before he meets the nurse…)

The nurse conducted a few simple tests… and thank God he passed ALL with flying colors! Phew! :0)


At 73 cm long, he was at the 50th percentile for his height and at 9.4 kg, he was at the 75th percentile for his weight.

The nurse also commented that his footing was very stable and he might start walking very soon!


But i guess babies all grow at their own pace, somehow. It suddenly happened that almost everything happened at the same time for Julien. The sitting and even standing!


I am really treasuring every single day as I watch my little boy grow up… If I ever do miss the infant stage, I always remind myself, IT’S COMING AGAIN… SOOON!


Anonymous said...

Julien is such a little charmer!

Jerb said...

Thank U! :)