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Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 Frequently Asked Questions!

Here are frequently asked questions people ask me when they heard of my 2nd pregnancy. Thought I’ll share! :)

1) Was this planned? ***Awkward smile***

ANSWER (A): ***Mock horror*** Of course!

THE TRUTH (T): Sad to say you are not gonna get a shocking Exposé here! We believe in the good old maxim of “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” Jared was busy counting the days in the calendar like a good old Biology A levels student! Julien came about after 10 months of trying to conceive….. so we were naturally surprised that no.2 came about so fast especially since I have only stopped breastfeeding for about 2 months. So baby J Junior was no random mistake, we are absolutely grateful to God for a 2nd child!

2) Are you excited?

A: Absolutely! Can’t wait to see how he/she looks like!

T: Of course we are! It’s like asking how excited Julien is when he sees a full bottle of milk at dinnertime! But please don’t ask me this question on days when I look pale with nausea and feel like “Merlion-ing” every now and then! Or speculate that it might be twin boys! ***FAINT*** No, I categorically state that I have no interest nor stamina to form a basketball team of 5 boys!

3) Is it a boy or a girl?

A: Dunno yet!

T: I wish I have an ultrasound machine at home to scan myself daily to see if it is a boy OR girl! Then I can embark on a shopping spree in the right color WITHOUT Jared always all out to restrain me from shopping with the reason/EXCUSE that I do not know the gender yet! ***keke***

4) Wow, you look so slim and pretty, you don’t look you are pregnant? What’s your secret?

A: Haha thanks…. Nothing special, it’s all in the genes :D

T: Sob sob, no one has actually said that I am still slim and pretty during this period! In fact, it seems that my tummy looks bigger now than when I was carrying Julien at the same stage! I blame the already stretched uterus! I blame Jared for all the durians and heavy dinners! To avoid scaring myself with all that weight gain, I try to “cheat a little” by minimising food intake before every weigh-in at my gynae’s clinic! Thankfully, I am currently just below 50kg at 16 weeks of pregnancy. Anything goes to make me feel better about myself!

5) Wow, you were aiming for a Year of the DRAGON baby?

A: Nah…. Not intentional.

T: No!!!! We wanted to avoid a Dragon baby by all means! To us, Year of Dragon = more competition for childcare centers, primary school registration (!!) and lesser chance of getting my child into local varsity = costly tuition fees = lesser $$$ for retirement enjoyment?! Seriously, we hate to queue! And we certainly don’t fancy having to grapple with fellow parents of an extra 10% of the cohort (usually Year of Dragon sees a 10% hike or 3000 - 4000 in the no. of live births in Singapore). We already have a Tiger in Julien..... the idea of a pair of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon might sound romantically cute but it is too FIERCE for a pair of Monkey parents. ;)


Edmund said...

Congrats on No2!

1 more baby to go :)

San said...

Hahaha... I like the part about "monkey" parents! LOL!!!

It is gonna be a EXCITING year ahead!

Jerb said...

Ed: No. 3 not confirmed at all! Have to consider carefully.... :p

San: Exciting indeed...!