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Monday, July 25, 2011

10 month-old’s teeth

At 10 months old, I am proud to announce that my dear son… has TWO AND A HALF teeth.

The two bottom middle teeth first and now the top one is sprouting out.


My son is not an early bloomer who starts growing teeth at 3 months, and I am glad he is not a late bloomer too, one who starts having teeth only after one year.

And at this stage, my son LURVES food. His food and our food.

He cries for more after finishing his feeds.

He stares at us or rather our food longingly when we are eating.

And we can tell, he would want a piece of what we are having anytime.



I can’t wait for the rest of his pearlies to sprout out!


jotoh said...

Your son is simply so adorable!
Be it smiling or crying... He still looks very very cute!!!

Jerb said...

HAHA, thanks Jo! I dun think you want to see him wail! Not so cute really.... :p