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Monday, June 06, 2011

Taime Warehouse Sale (2 to 4 Jun 2011)

This was one of those sales that we kinda drag our feet to go to as we were unsure if it was gonna be worth our time especially since Jared only learnt about it from some advert online and we haven't heard of anyone who have gone there before.

As we had some free time on Saturday evening before dinner, we decided at the eleventh hour to go down since it was only a short 10 mins drive from our place to the sale happening at some ulu industrial estate in Chai Chee.


Going down so last minute is not exactly a good idea especially when it dawned on us in the car that this was the last day of the sale and we only have an hour or so left to look around before the sale ended at 8pm! Why did we keep thinking Sunday was the last day of the sale?!?!


Located on the 6th level of a flatted factory block, Taime Pte Ltd is the local distributor for one of the lesser advertised “Lucky Baby” brand and it also carries alternative brands like Chicco, Capella and Pecan amongst others.

As with all sales, the most important thing to know is how heavily discounted are the items out there? We just got to look at the color of the price tags…. EASY!


What do they have out there?

Lotsa clothing


Lucky Baby brand of home pyjamas and rompers for Julien’s home wear. All in brand new condition at 40% discount.


Right outside the storefront, there were rows and rows of toys for infants like rattlers etc ranging from $1 upwards to about $12 before discount.



Look at this pull-up butterfly which sounds off when pulled…. Cute!


Cloth-story books and animated books on sale, mostly around $20 after 20% discount.


You can even get the story of Noak’s Ark here. ZMHFT37JEPAU Hehe…..


Rows upon rows of strollers, walkers, cot beds and car seats mostly at 20% discount. Jared noticed that Capella strollers were especially popular. You can even get display sets of car seats or strollers at even bigger discounts…..



Spotted the aeroplane-walker we bought for Julien at Kiddy Palace!


Chicco products were especially popular since many of them were going at 40% off! Bottles, tonnes of toys, teethers. food warmers etc……. We suddenly wished that we had come to the sale earlier!




We bought some feeding items at 40% off :)


Could not resist buying this $5 cute polka dot clip on fan for Julien’s stroller!

polka dot fan 

as well as this bath thermometer for under $5

bath thermometer 

And the best deals that we got at the sale!

1) Lucky Baby Playpen


Usual retail price = > than $120, we got it at $40!


How this Little Prince playpen looks like when fully setup.

Little Prince

2) Chicco Booster Seat Mr Party

Retails at Kiddy Palace for $89.90, we got it for SGD 53++


We wanted this height-adjustable booster seat to save space so as to avoid having to buy a bulky feeding chair.


All in all, we spent about $168 for over 15 items including many toys to entertain Julien. We can say the sale was worth the drive down but wished we had gone earlier and have more time to look through the store! For bargain hunters, we were told that Taime holds their warehouse sale twice a year. So do keep a lookout!

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