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Monday, June 27, 2011

Review of HP Envy 100 e-All-in-One Printer

I like the how this HP printer is seated in my house…. Can you spot a printer?



Don’t you think it blends into the interior design of my living room? Perfect fit!

Now, here’s some interesting features of the printer:


In the tech age that we live in, THE phone is now the iPHONE (or blackberry… that’s for me!), THE computer is now the Mac book (even Apple says it’s the laptop for EVERYONE), THE walkman is now the iTOUCH, THE book is now the Kindle and THE new must-have- the iPAD.

And the one thing they have in common? Ability to access the internet.

And did you know that printers have this ability now too? The HP Envy 100 is one of such amazing printers.

This multi-tasker doesn’t just print, copy and scan, it is also able to connect to the internet!




Hey! I can print Sudoko puzzles, Crayola pictures for Julien to color next time, calendar, photos from Facebook….




I even printed a Sesame Street Alphabet book for Julien!




I LOVE Sesame Street!


I can seriously leave it in my living room. This is because it is able to print stuffs from anywhere in the house. And do you know, I can also print documents wirelessly from the iTouch, iPhone and iPad by sending the document to a pre-determined email address so that the printer prints it automatically!


Note: It was as easy as ABC setting up the wireless connection. I just had to key in my password when prompted and it’s connected!


The cover on the top panel of the HP Envy 100 printer is made of of shiny mirror glass with classy black dots.


You can see the reflection of my camera and ceiling on the printer! This means you can arrange your hair while printing, HAHA!

And the paper tray is retractable and is hidden away in the base of the printer when not printing.


It is really made for the modern home… like mine!

4. SHUSH….

I can seriously seriously leave it here in my living room, near the TV because it’s so quiet while printing! It’s not like my current printer that shouts “P-R-I-N-T-I-N-G-G-G!”.


If you are a green person (which we all should aim to be more of), all the more you should support HP products.

Check out their website where they share about their environmental goals…

So what so green about this printer?

Well, it is the world’s 1st PVC-free printer and it even comes with a reusable tote bag to reduce waste!

It also prints 2-sided documents automatically to save paper.

Save the earth! :)

HP Envy 100 indeed has so much to offer! I had been dropping hints to my hubby to get our current printer UPGRADED. Plus for me who loves doing scrapbooking projects and cards, and with a kid now (and more to come in future), I can really use this printer to print my own photos and materials for the children! 

Thanks HP for this wonderful experience!IMG_1973

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