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Friday, June 03, 2011

Motherhood Exhibition 2011 Review

Jared had heard good reviews about this fair previously and we decided to head down last night after work to Singapore Expo to try out different brands of strollers as Julien has kinda outgrown his Combi Miracle Turn as well as get into the shopping mode since its Great Singapore Sale time!



We were not disappointed as practically every major baby brand was represented at the fair. Jared was pretty impressed by the variety and thinks that new parents will find it useful to pop by and buy all that they need under one roof. The more obscure but popular brands on online forums that we saw at the fair include

1) BlueEgg milk bags (very cheap milkbags!)

2) GOON and Nepia diapers (some Nepia diapers at half price!)

The usual suspects were there….. Philips Avent, Pigeon, Pampers, Huggies, Cordlife, PUKU, Medela, Johnsons & Johnsons, Heinz foods, Friso, Munchkins, insurers like NTUC Income & Prudential & clothing stalls hawking every form of kids clothing possible, from swimwear to pyjamas to cloth diapers.

Some of the better deals we saw…. Pardon the quality as they were taken off Jared’s Blackberry.

Palmers stretchmark lotion for preggies going for under SGD 20


Huge Pampers Booth –> Buy SGD 250 worth of pampers products and get 1 year of Motherhood magazine free! Jared noticed that the cheaper Pampers Active series was not sold here, only the premium series Pampers Cruisers sold here. SMART tactic employed by Pampers! Ditto for Huggies…..


Pricelist of Pampers products


Browsing for pyjamas for Julien……


Eu Yan Seng tonics. Seemingly good prices for Bird’s Best…..



The ever popular Philips Avent had a large booth at the fair too.


The twin electronic pump going for a steal at SGD 550, well under its SGD 800++ usual retail price


Steriliser package for new parents. Comes with lotsa freebies.


Johnsons & Johnsons baby wipes. IMG00157-20110602-1957

2 packs of Huggies wipes going for SGD 5.00


Huggies diaper promotions – comes with freebies like DVDs etc


Prices of Pigeon products look similar to those during promotion at supermarkets.



We were glad to have come on a weekday night because we don’t fancy the squeeze on weekends and the costly parking fees at Singapore Expo…. not forgetting there was a John Little sale going on next door…… We basically hauled away diapers, milk powder and baby clothing from the Motherhood fair. All in all, a good and comprehensive fair!

Well as for the stroller….. we are kinda torn between a Peg Perego P3, a Maclaren Quest and a Maclaren Techno XT…. Anyone with these strollers can give us some reviews?


Esther said...

I own a Peg Perego 3 and a Maclaren Quest. I bought the Peg Perego 3 from the States. I like it because its sturdy (good for infant), spacious and open and closes very easily - I can operate with one hand up and down the bus. Its bulky though. The belt is a rather flimsy and it does not recline fully.

I used it for about 7 months and bought a Mclaren Quest for C. Maclaren Quest is lightweight, very sturdy and most importantly not as bulky/wide as Peg. Easy to go up and down the escalator in a shopping mall. I like it cause it can recline further than Peg and The belt is more secure. The wheels are sturdy enough to sustain the "rough" terrain in Taiwan and Msia. I think Mclaren serves us well now that C is older

Hope this helps!

Xia said...

I have the Maclaren Techno XT and I love the weight and ease of going around with it when I'm alone. It's the only stroller I dare to use to conquer escalators when out alone with Aaric.

The not-so-good point being, not as well 'padded' but I'm not complaining cos my boy doesn't sleep when in the stroller.

I tried the P3 last time and like it too, but the weight is not so easy for me to handle if I'm out alone with him. :)

Maclaren is good for overseas trip in future too, I feel!

Jerb said...

Thanks for your recommendations! We got the Maclaren Techno XT eventually :)