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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ikea Restaurant, Tampines

It was one of those Saturdays where we had an inspiration for our lunch. IKEA @ Tampines!

And so off we went…


Here’s Julien with his new Friso bear. It was given to him by some aunties selling Friso at the Motherhood Exhibition and who found him absolutely adorable. Julien has the ability to mesmerize you with his BIG, round eyes and dazzling smile… that is if he is in dee right mood.

This was the first time we brought Julien to Ikea and now that we have a kid, we realized how baby & kid-friendly Ikea is!

You can warm up milk bottles with the two microwave ovens available. High chairs are provided for smaller children. There is even meal entertainment with a children's corner where your kids can play or watch TV while you eat!

And did you know that at the Tampines Ikea, diners with babies receive a free bottle of baby food with any purchase!

In my opinion, I think the Ikea Restaurant’s atmosphere is quite warm and cosy though it can be really crowded most of the time.

Now, here’s the delicious, famous Ikea foods we ordered….

These SWEDISH MEATBALLS are a must-have here…. IMG_1886

And not forgetting the fried-to-almost-perfection, juicy CHICKEN WINGS!


We saw a group of old ladies at one of the tables nearby sharing just one BIG plate of chicken wings… That’s how yummy they are!

I went for the healthier option of grilled salmon with pepper.


Other healthy options available include the organic tomato-based pasta.

Chicken leg set…. Looks good doesn’t it?


We had a very satisfying lunch that Saturday! :)


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