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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day out with THREE kids

It was my off day on Monday. And my in-laws were feeling just a little more adventurous that day and decided to bring the kids – Ryan (8 yo), Rae-anne (3 yo) and Julien (9 mo) out to the Bedok Jetty at East Coast Park.

The preparation took TWO hours. Feed, shower, change, pooh, pee, pack… Ask me if I would consider having 3 kids now and I would shout “No!”.

By the time we were out of the house, it was nearly noon…

Here’s the most well-behaved kid.


He was 100% well-behaved and sitting in his stroller while we strolled along under the hot sun. I think he looked almost bored honestly… HAHA, too young for outings I guess!

And here are the other two hyper active kids… One kept asking if we could rent a bike, the other kept walking onto the wrong path and both were pestering us to buy drinks and ice-cream right from the start… –.-


As I walked behind them… I thought I really do not have the physical stamina to have THREEEEE kids… For now.

Hats off to those who have three or more kids!

When we reached the jetty, a cool breeze was blowing. All seemed peaceful and surreal all of a sudden….

We walked along and I was surprised to find many enthusiastic individuals fishing at this hour of the day!


The older kids were curious when they saw the little fishes being caught and left jumping and wriggling on the ground…. fish1

They began asking me many questions, showing me many things….

I would say, they were almost very adorable actually…

We saw fishes in many shapes and sizes!


We then took a seat under the shade, enjoyed the scenery and breeze, drank our oh-so-cold fizzy drinks, fed Julien, and I continued to entertain more questions from the two older kids…. I even felt like a mother of THREE there and then!

I am beginning to enjoy myself… surprisingly. :)

Anyway, here’s a new type of bicycle I sighted at the bicycle rental shop…


I sent a picture of it to my hubby via my blackberry and excitedly told him we can rent it when Julien grows older! 2 adults riding the double bike and there’s space for 2 toddlers in front!

The hubby’s reply was a very uninterested, “We’ll look like clowns dear…”


Anyway, any good ideas where to bring kids of different ages?


Klessis said...

Polliwogs always work!!!! For any age group! =D

San said...

The family bicycles are SO cute lo! Please tell Jared! Hahaha.... I am waiting for X to be able to sit straight and then we gonna go! So fun leh... :)

Jerb said...

O yes, I've always heard of it but haven't went. I'll try it soon!