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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cleebo for baby

In the 9 months of Julien’s life so far, he had got kissed by the flu bug thrice.

Did I ever mention that the flu is, in my opinion, the WORST common ailment a baby can get. Read about one of my terrible experiences here.

And one of the WORST tasks that I had to accomplish when my baby is down with flu, is to get rid of his mucus and boogers.


I would do almost anything to try to extract out those boogers especially when it hindered baby’s eating, sleeping and even breathing!

I tried the following ‘instruments’…

1. The index finger

A very crude yet convenient way? But my finger is kinda big for his nose. And not to mention, probably full of germs and bacteria! :p


2. Cotton bud

Long…. and dangerous if I am too enthusiastic and push it a little too far in…


3. Tissue paper

Twisted to insert into the nose. But Julien hates it. He cries at the sight of it, even before I even point it in the direction of his nostrils…


4. Nasal mucus sucker

Even I will faint if you try to squeeze this scary looking thing up my nostrils!

nasal mucus sucker

So my solutions thus far were too big, too unhygienic, too dangerous, too scary-looking.


So thank God, the folks at Sophie & Friends recently introduced me to a product called Cleebo.


Finally, some parents and PDs became inspired to invent a small yet ingenious and not to mention, easy-to-use tool to extract those irritating boogers!

Cleebo’s features are that it is…

  • safe – silicone ends with ‘safety wings’
  • hygienic – clean in steriliser or hot water
  • child-friendly – soft, flexible & friendly design
  • versatile – ultra flexible use in 3 different ways
  • innovative – solves all my previous woes.


I also feel assured with the following stats:

  • 71% of the Doctors would recommend Cleebo;
  • 82% of the Doctors think Cleebo is the best option for parents;
  • 82% of the Doctors feel that Cleebo is the safest option for clearing nasal congestion in children;
  • 91% of the Doctors listed Cleebo as the most practical solution for blockages in the nasal passage;
  • Overall, 80% of the Doctors regarded Cleebo as the best way to clear nasal congestion in children, and also regarded it as a safe, hygienic and easy-to-use product

Not afraid

As you can see, I am very confident the next time I need to dig out those awful boogers, Julien will happily allow me to do so!

My darling was enjoying his time fiddling with Cleebo and ignoring the rest of his toys!


If you are interested, you can purchase Cleebo here (from Sophie and friends’ website). They will even donate some of the proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Do some good while shopping! :)

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