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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Animals United!

Yup, this is the title of a new animated movie that’s coming up in town.

Animals United - A4 Poster(Available 3D)

And the good folks at OMY kindly sponsored me with a pair of tickets to watch the movie in 3D action at the revamped Shaw Theatres Lido! :)




In summary, this movie is about an absent-minded meerkat, Billy who in the bid to get precious water for his family, discovers a man-made dam which prevents water from flowing into the African savannah grassland. Together with his bestie, the lion Socrates and a very haphazard mix of animal friends inclusive of a kangaroo, a Tasmania devil, a pair of loving tortoises, a polar bear and … a French-babbling chicken, he journeys through the much feared valley of death in a bid to gloriously bring salvation to his water-starved land…….

animals 2


The movie is set in the awesome South African landscape and the canyons and gorges featured in the movie were perfect for the 3D effect. I absolutely love the effects in the movie!

I also thoroughly enjoyed the various animal characters in the show. The producer focuses on the details, ensuring the animals inherit human-like personalities and features.

A hip-hop sounding water buffalo meets a bellowing carrot-top rhino

rhino and buffalo


black carrot top

The vain-pot giraffe





And so, Animals United may look like a typical cutesy cartoon for the kids… and that was what the hubby and I thought…

But NO… Not exactly.

The movie is about friendship, father-and-son relationship, the importance of unity and courage. It also focuses on serious global issues like ecological destruction, climate change and the disastrous consequences of these for the animal world. We never knew before how a fragment of glass bottle can trigger a bushland fire!

animals unite

Quite a serious cartoon I must say but what a great way to introduce environmental issues for the kids too.

Too late to book Universal studio tickets for the June holidays or running out of ideas to entertain your kids? Animals United is an educational and rather entertaining movie that the entire family can watch together! The movie will be released 9 June 2011, Thursday.

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