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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things To Do In Phuket: Buggy Adventure

Greetings from our Metadee Resort in Phuket!

night swim

We took a nice warm night swim in the pool just outside our rooms last night.

Yesterday, we decided to go for a little short adventure instead of doing the usual island hopping which we had done before in our ahem, younger days.

And so, we decided to go for a BUGGY ADVENTURE.

Buggy Ad

For those who prefer to ride alone, you may also choose to ride on the ATV instead. ATV ad

The tour agent arranged for us to be fetched from our resort. The van brought us up to the higher terrains of Phuket…


Here’re the very rugged buggies and ATVs. Looked very old honestly…


And here’s my VERY handsome and charming driver. :)


It’s actually very simple to operate the machine. Just left pedal- brake, right pedal- go! You definitely DO NOT need a driving license for this.


Here’s the steering wheel.


Rugged huh?! The engine was very noisy and the smell of gas is strong. But we were raring to go!


Here’re the Tans looking very excited too.


(Couldn’t get a picture of the Kweks in time)

Off we go!


My driver is excited!


This buggy is not for the roads definitely. We are on the way to the REAL THING…


Whoohoo! Our journey has began!


I feel like I am in some Thai movie… you know, riding with the military into the deep, dark jungles of Thailand…..

Everything was ok for me, until I saw steep slopes ahead….

t3 uphill

(This is definitely not the steepest slope around… My hands were held tightly around my seat belt while we went up and down the slopes, so no hands to snap away!)

… and rocky grounds and large pot-holes…


Challenges (to me) aside, the scenery was quite beautiful.


And we could see the sea from where we were driving.

scenery 2

The guide also allowed us to stop to take pictures.

Photo taking


All in all, it was quite a fun ride indeed. My hubby and his pals thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. But I had a slight headache after going through the bumpy ride. ;p

Thank God mouse-hearted me was not the driver. If not, I would be screaming all the way.

A few tips:

1. Bargain for a good price with the tour agents.

2. Bring your sun glasses along when you drive. The wind brought alot of dust flying.

3. For the ladies, tie up your hair!

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Van P. said...

ooh. the atv thing sounds fun!