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Friday, May 27, 2011


Jared and I especially adore all piping hot soups, especially if they are spicy or sweet. In Bangkok, hot delicately cooked soups were in abundance at prices too tempting to resist…… Here’s our recommendations!

1st Stop: Bangkok Chinatown (locals call it Yaowarat )

Bring your parents or your older folks to this place, they will love it. Chinese herbs, Thai local produce like durian cakes, pork floss, dried fruits and even snake wine were in abundance here.



But of course, we were here for a sole reason i.e. to FEAST on the delicacies at the renowned Nam Sing Restaurant.



A bowl of mid-range bird nest for SGD 12. Just nice for 1 person!



A bowl of mid range shark’s fin for SGD 20 for two to share…… You can really taste the fin in the soup and one main difference from those you find in Singapore, no crab meat. Tasty broth! Slurp……



Here’s the contact if you are interested…


2nd Stop: Coca Restaurant at Central World level 6

The tom yam soup base was absolutely delicious! The best we ever tried in a steamboat dinner! 6 of us shared 2 medium-sized meat platters + 2 plates of wanton and 2 plates of fish glue.



All these fresh and delicious food for only SGD 71! The Coca restaurant in Singapore is so so much more expensive!


The steamboat was so steaming hot that you can barely make out Joe!


3rd Stop: Food Court on the 6th floor of Platinum Mall

The foodcourt looks pretty much like what we have in SG with it’s cheap and varied food offerings.



Except that you don’t pay cash. You got to get a card and top it up with cash then transact with it.

Platinum car

For the budget-conscious, you can enjoy a huge claypot of shark’s fin cooked before your very own eyes under SGD 9.


We also tried their beef & beef ball noodles. Rather tasty!


4th Stop: Shabushi Restaurant at Central World level 6

Remember my post about this wonderful Jap food cum conveyor belt steamboat buffet restaurant, Shabushi? We found another branch with the same variety of food here at Central World!

Free flow gyoza, tempura, sushi, sashimi, pork, beef, fish, chicken, meat balls, drinks, desserts and MORE at S$12.50/pax! (And in 1h 15 mins)


One look at our happy faces and empty plates and you can conclude we were in 7th food heaven…

Bangkok is not only a shopper’s paradise, it is also a foodie’s haven!


NiQ said...

wow looking at so much food aint a good start for my day. cos i wanna eat those things but my school doesnt sell any =(

Em said...

Hi Jerb, the last pic is v funny cos Joe and I look like we have stuffed our mouths with lots of food that we can't smile! Haha!!

stef said...

hi. are you able to tell me how to get to bangkok chinatown by bts train? and is nam sing bird nest far from the station? :) thank you! appreciate it.

Jerb said...

Hi Stef,

From the internet...

Take the BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin station (silom line) and descend via exit 1 to Tha Sathon. Then take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Tha Ratchawong. In front the pier is Ratchawong Road. Follow this road until you reach an intersection where Yaowarat Road is located right in front.

But I will recommend…

Taking the bts to Hua Lamphong and take a short cab ride from there. :)