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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Meet my new domestic helper - Roomba

Have you been infected with the latest iProduct craze?

My hubby too is a fan! BUT, he did not get an iPhone or the latest iPad2… He got a new domestic helper and her name is

iRobot a.k.a ROOMBA!


Let’s take a look at our new, very lovely domestic helper- Roooooomba!




My wonderful robotic domestic helper diligently vacuums our floor multiple times and picks up ALOT of dust, dirt, crumbs and hair. BTW, she can only vacuum and that she does it VERY well!

Look at the dust!


And this is no wonder since her insides are fitted with a high-tech cleaning system and brusheS…


She even has an acoustic sensor to help find dirtier areas and spend more time cleaning them. 

Roomba is definitely not a bimbo and sure knows how to navigate along walls, under furniture and other hard to reach areas. She also knows how to avoid staircase and steps!

The set also comes with an equipment that emits infra red waves and creates a virtual wall if you do not wish Roomba to enter into certain areas.


Another plus point. Roomba is very obedient! 1 click and off she goes cleaning away. No worries about her turning "bad" or having a lousy attitude nor having to send her back to the agency..... And do you know? You can even schedule when you want your house to be cleaned by her.


So, if you are reaching home at 7pm, schedule to start cleaning at 5pm so that you can come back to a clean home! Nice…..


After having this robot with us for 1.5 weeks, we can say that she’s a god-send!

Especially with both of us working and having no human domestic helper. This translates to more family time and also a dust-free environment for our baby!

In fact, we think she cleans better than us using the vacuum cleaner! :p

This robot is a mid-ranged one and we got it at a good price, much better than at Courts! There are different models with different modifications to this out there in the market. There is even a robot called Scooba that helps you mop as well. We didn’t get that though we’d probably be more interested in a robot that irons all our clothes!

To end off, here’s some videos of Roomba in action.

Roomba cleaning

Roomba returning to its dock after cleaning


Jayme Shing said...

WAHHH! I am sooooo amazed!! How much is Roomba? She is sooo cool!!

San said...

Roomba! LOL! One teeeny step to having a flesh and blood domestic helper! Haha...

Xia said...

Nice! I need one too!!!

Jerb said...

Shing & Xia: Yeah, this is VERY good for ahem, busy people like us.

San: Yes one step closer indeed!