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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amari Watergate Hotel Review

I am finally back in SG after 5 packed shopping days in Bangkok! Really missed Julien ALOT!


We bade a fond farewell to the lovely Metadee Hotel and took a 1 hour AirAsia flight to Bangkok for a stay at the five-star Amari Watergate Hotel.

Some pics of the hotel and the room we stayed in.

Bird-eye view of the massive lobby


Super comfortable mattress perched on top of a high bedframe


Nondescript hotel bathroom


Comfy sofa for you to lounge on while watching TV.


The gigantic probably 50-inch flatscreen Sony Bravio nicely angled towards our bed.


To top it all off, complimentary champagne and chocolate truffle cake from the hotel when it learnt we are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary in Bangkok.



We love this hotel for the following 3 reasons!

1) Location

The Westerners loved the hotel for its excellent service, but we Singaporeans ADORE it for its excellent location. You’ll understand when you see the view from the lobby of this hotel…

hotel view

*Screams!!!* PLATINUM MALL - Bangkok largest wholesale shopping mall with 2000 stores under one roof just across the road!

Just how near is it?! A mere overhead bridge climb across!


2)  Value-for-money hotel package

Our hotel room came up to about SGD 130 a night inclusive of buffet breakfast, free WIFI and SGD 22 of F&B credit.

The hotel must be pretty good as we spotted MediaCorp host Quan Yifeng at the hotel. We were in good company ……..

We used the free F&B credit for their desserts.




3) Affordable and reliable tailors within the hotel

Our dear friend Joseph found us this tailor lobang called ALEX TAILOR which is incidentally located within the hotel, one of 4 tailors there so you can expect competitive pricings.

This is a GREAT place to get tailor your office wear at off-the-rack Singapore prices!


Shirts start from SGD 35 for the less fashionable designs. After some bargaining, the guys ordered the sharp looking and more fashionable 2-ply shirts for SGD 60 and tailored pants for SGD 65. Suits start from a jaw-dropping SGD 220 while ladies office pants cost about SGD 55.

Here is our best price-haggler, Joe in action, trying to lower the prices. Afterall we made almost 20 shirts, a suit and 6 pants!

And the best thing! They offer to deliver the clothes to Singapore for free thus saving precious luggage space for us!


Here’s his unappreciative friends falling asleep and suffering from shopping-withdrawal symptoms & seemingly immense hunger while Joe haggles…… Guess who is suffering from what?


More to come in the next post as I show you our Bangkok shopping conquests!!!


NiQ said...

wow...i was blown away by the cheap prices... feel the urge to fly over to shop + get some suits =)

Jerb said...

Yeah, great shopping destination!

Anne Williams said...

Really visiting to Bangkok is great anytime of the year. And if one is shopaholic then must visit once a year. Tailor in Bangkok