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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Watami Restaurant at Central

Went to Watami Jap Restaurant at Central last week… Here are some pics!IMG_1424


I love salmon sashimi!


And Jared loves his mushrooms. This mushroom and scallop dish is absolutely delicious!




The food at Watami is generally tasty but some of the portions are quite small. Prices are similar to Waraku… $10+ per dish.

Went to my sis-in-law’s place the other day and she cooked tom yam noodles for us! I wish I could cook like her… Maybe I can…. If only I had the time. :)


Fruit platter

She bothered to cut up the fruits and placed them nicely on the tiered plate!


I am really inspired by my SIL. I promise myself that I will pick up cooking when Julien grows older!

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