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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tip for taking photos of babies

Have you tried taking THE PERFECT picture of a baby?

The picture perfect look is the ‘look into my camera’, huge smile, big eyes, stay still kind of pose.

smiling baby

If you have a baby, you would know that this is a very difficult, if not near impossible task to accomplish.

Well, you can’t force the baby to pose…


Umm… you can try…. but it doesn’t really work, as you can see…

Even Anne Geddes doesn’t really try.

If you haven’t already noticed… most of her pictures are that of SLEEPING babies.

sleeping baby 

And so I GIVE UP. I give up trying to get THE PERFECT picture.

I decided I’d just snap, snap and snap away.


Great grandmum trying very hard to take a picture with all her great grandchildren

After that, you choose which to keep, which to upload or print and which to delete.

And very often, I realized that the BEST photos are not the so-called perfect ones.

But the most candid & natural ones! :)


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