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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Poses and 7-month old milestones

Ever seen pictures of those hunky, handsome male models sitting stylishly on the sofa?

Something like this…


Well, I uncovered this potential in my son a few days back.

Yes. The modeling potential. :) He’s so pose-y if there’s such a word!

Here’s the cool, I-can’t-be-bothered-with-you-cos-I’m-too-handsome look.



The oh-so-innocent boyish look.


Don’t you think he’s such a natural? Anyone looking for a baby model? :p

Anyway, back to reality.

An update on Baby’s developments.

I am now teaching him to hold his own bottle.


This is indeed a good thing for him to learn… Handsfree for us!

He has also mastered the art of not only flipping, but flipping back front up.

And Julien has beginning to show signs of learning to crawl. After he flips, he would bend both knees to gather strength, then push his legs straight causing his body to inch forward alittle. Absolutely adorable!

i can’t wait for the next milestone…

Now before I go, here’s another model picture for you! :)



Klessis said...

Great series of photos! =)

kailin said...

So adorable indeed! Haha the last pic, one of my cgm took that!

Jerb said...

>Kless: Thanks! :)

>Kailin: Thanks! And u r right ;)

Edmund said...

I think he got some of the posey style from his father :)

Jerb said...

>Edmund: HAHAHAHAhA! I'll let the father know!

San said...

Hahaha! Too cute! "Outsiders" always say this, but it is true - that kids grow up so fast!? Didn't we just go for his man yue? LOL!