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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HTC Flyer Review

I was invited to the launch of HTC’s first tablet- The Flyer last night.HTC event

I was looking forward to it as I used to carry a Fujitsu tablet laptop eight years ago and I really wonder how the tablet had evolved over time…

I was NOT disappointed!

Here are the 6 ‘S’ reasons why I liked the Flyer:

#1 SIZE matters

And so is capability.

This tablet is able to give us the best of both worlds!


The display screen is 17.78 cm (7”) and it measures 19.54 cm length by 12.2 cm width by 1.32cm slim (7.7”x4.8”x0.52”). It also has a 1.5 GHz processor. Very fast for its size!

#2 It (literally) moves our SENSES

The Flyer uses the android platform with HTC Sense which promises a richer user experience.

Look at the 3D homescreen! Doesn’t it look awesome?!


The Product Marketing Manager informed the audience that when you check the weather, you can feel the sun’s rays or even the raindrops! Seriously?!

#3 Easy to SHARE

You can easily send or share webpages, pictures, notes. Simply tap the page and choose your options!


Here’s the tweet option…



The Flyer has a 5MP camera and HD camcorder and also a front facing camera for all you who love to take self-portraits or videos!


Photo taken using the Flyer


Fellow blogger Edmund trying out the front camera… He was having alot of fun! :)

#5 Scribe Technology

The Flyer not only offers touch interaction, but its pen technology is also amazing!

Here is our friendly promoter with THE pen.


You can take notes, sign contracts, draw pictures or even write on a webpage or photo with it!


Here is a webpage that had been scribbled on and then printed!


You can also take notes and do an audio recording at the same time. And guess what’s better than just this? When you tap on any part of your notes, it’ll playback the audio that was recorded at that time! Very good for training sessions, schools and meetings!

Why wasn’t the Flyer invented during my Uni days?? But better late than never. This gadget would be perfect when I attend meetings!

#6 SEND to Print easily! (Trying very hard to find an ‘S’ word!)

The Flyer uses Wifi to print.

Here’s a caricature artist drawing me on the Flyer! Cool!


I not only emailed the end product to myself, I also got it printed INSTANTLY!


Does it look like me?? :)

I can imagine me & baby Julien drawing many many pictures on the Flyer instead of paper… Save the trees!

And now if you think I already look very happy in the picture, I promise you I would look even happier if I actually get my hands on the HTC Flyer! :p

I can imagine life will be much more efficient and less boring (in other words, more entertaining) with the Flyer! Looking forward to its launch!

Launch date: May 2011

Retail price*: $1,068 without plan

*The Flyer comes with 3G and Wifi.


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