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Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Apply Make Up Quickly

Are you a person who is okay with not applying make up when you leave the house and you don’t care even if you are meeting your friends, going to work etc?

Well, here are some pictures to show you why you need to ‘repent’!





This is the power of make up!

No wonder they say there is no such person as an ugly woman, but a lazy one. It’s true!

And how about claims that make up damages your skin? Well, you can use mineral make up (affordable ones available online eg: Everyday Minerals), invest and diligently use good skincare (i.e. moisturizer, make up remover, cleanser, toner).

I don’t know about you but I am a firm believer of putting on make up and looking your best.

BUT, I am unfortunately also not the type of female who would sacrifice my precious sleep to wake up early in the morning to put on make up… for hours!

Kudos to ladies who do that!

So, let me share with you my 10-minute make up stint every morning before I go to work!


1. Base from Everyday Minerals

After applying moisturizer (oil-free) and sunblock over my face, I will apply a layer of base powder.

2. Concealer from Everyday Minerals

I will then apply concealer under my eyes and on any unwanted pimples.

3. Loose Powder from Everyday Minerals

Next up, apply loose powder all over my face.

4. Eyebrow Color from The Body Shop

After trimming stray eyebrows if necessary, I will fill in the empty pockets and ends of my eyebrows with the eye brow color.

5. Eye Shadow Palette from Maybelline

Blend 1-3 colors on my eye lids. Blending is the key! For me, I find it easier to use my index finger to do the blending. This palette from Maybelline actually has a picture under it to show you how to color your eyes with the various shades.

6. Eyeliner from Majolica

Draw liquid eyeliner close to the eyelash line.

7. Mascara from Maybelline

After curling my eyelashes, I’ll brush the mascara on my eyelashes 2-3 times.

8. Lip balm from Nivea

This is the best lip balm I’ve ever used! As I normally put on makeup on the rest of my face, I would either use just the lipbalm or add a light lip gloss over it.

I promise you the above is done in 10-15 minutes!

If you are really rushing for time and/or going out to someplace really casual, and you just want to put on minimal make up without scaring others… I would in my opinion, recommend the following essentials:

1. Concealer,

2. (Optional) Loose powder if your complexion is not too good,

3. Eye brow color (incomplete, missing or obviously untidy eye brows are a BIG no no!),

4. Eye liner (swipe a layer of eye shadow color first for the purpose of keeping your eye liner in place) and

5. Lip balm

Hope this helps you to look better in a shorter time! ;)


Em said...

Hi Jerb, thanks for sharing! =D But I dun really like using eye liner or mascara cos it's just a hassle to remove! Maybe u can share tips for quick makeup removal! =D

Jerb said...

Ok, will blog about removing make up QUICKLY soon! ;)

Poison Meru said...

Hi Jerb,

Where do you get your Everyday Minerals?

Poison Meru said...

Hi Jerb,

Where did you buy these Everyday Minerals? I have been quietly following your blog for a few months. Thank you for your post for providing quick tips. Being a new mum too, I have become a "Huang Lian Po" (Yellow faced auntie).

Jerb said...

Hi Poison Meru, thanks for reading! I get the Everyday Minerals online. Me and my friends go on a spree every now and then. Check out their 'Gifts' and 'Promos'... very good deals!

And I hope u get inspired NOT to be a Huang Lian Po! HAHA! All the best mama! :)