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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friso 2 Infant Milk Formula for Julien Lim


TWELVE tins of Friso arrived at our house.

I don’t even stock as many cup noodles as this.

I am CERTAIN that if war happened in SG, our precious Julien would definitely not starve.


Xia said...

Grow Julien, Grow! Lots for him to drink! :)

Your hubby sourced out some good deals? Haha!

Kelvin Ang said...

Hmmm? Got lobang? My Jayden also drinks Friso!

Jerb said...

Hi Kelvin,

My husband bought it from some provision store. He realises that provision stores and econ-minimarts tend to have better prices :-)

San said...

Hahaha! Is okay... I buy $200+ of milk for Jay at one go too. LOL! Best to stock up (and save $) then to run low and panic. HAha!

frisolac 1 said...

Check the expiration dates of those and be secured.