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Monday, April 25, 2011

Daily outfits for Mummy and Baby

Happened to visit the Baby Expo Fair on Saturday.

Expo fair

We didn’t really buy anything much as we did not come across any very good deals. But we did manage to find some very cute Carter’s bodysuits/rompers and bibs for Julien!

We used to buy tee-shirts for Julien but realized that no matter how much we tuck the tee-shirt into his pants (and not to mention, how very nerdy looking), the tee-shirt would gradually ‘roll’ upwards, exposing his belly.

So we had since bought rompers for him instead. Best if they came with button studs at the neckline (rather important for my son since he has quite a big head!).

And so here are the 15 pieces of rompers we got for him! I especially like those with animal prints.


And here are the cute bibs!


I even bought one which is waterproof and can ‘catch’ the leftovers!


After I came back from shopping that day, I realized that most of the bibs’ designs were of Monkeys! Hmm… why am I so attracted to the monkey designs???

Now Mummy’s turn. Here are some of my recent daily outfits…

Outfit #1 - Girly


Wearing the Desigual dress that my friends from the subzone bought for me. :) Wore this with mostly silver accessories- watch, 2 silver charm bracelets, big ring, mis-matched earrings… and all-white platform shoes. Skipped the necklace to avoid over-accessorizing.

You can wear this with leggings too.

Tip: In my opinion, flare or loose tops like this piece must be worn with tights, skinny jeans or at most slim, straight-cut jeans.

Loose bottoms ought to be paired with tighter, fitting tops.

This holds true unless there’s a new fashion trend being set…

Outfit #2 – Grunge Rock


Felt like wearing something ‘grungey’ that day. Took my F21 black top and paired it with this pair of very torn, very tattered skinnies from BKK. Wore it with mostly black accessories- Black studded bracelet, black/silver ring and black & studded high heels.

Tip: Keep a few classic pieces in your wardrobe like this black cotton top I have. Can be paired with almost ANYTHING. From plain simple jeans to flowery maxi skirt. ANYTHING.

By the way, I am going for a week long trip in TWO weeks time… to Phuket and Bangkok! Excited to relax in Phuket and then go full-on in BKK to 'search’ out good buys for myself and Julien. Can’t wait really! :)


MamaJ said...

Hi there... found your blog while browsing... :) We have the same monkey dura bib too! Actually, we only use those pocket bibs since our boy is such a messy eater... its a good buy! :)

Jerb said...

Hi MamaJ! Thanks for visiting :) Yes, once we saw this bib,we bought it for Julien immediately!

Em said...

I'm very excited for the holiday too!! Woohoo!!

Jerb said...

Hey Em, yes! Can't wait!!!