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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Birthday Presents

Birthdays used to be celebratory events. Not anymore for me. Not really because it reminds me that I am turning oldER, but because what matters to me most is that I can thank God for bringing me through different stages of life.

Really, baby and hubby are the best gifts that God has put into my life. :)

I would like to take this little opportunity here to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday and got me presents!

Yes, at this age, I still love receiving presents. Heehee!

And here are the wonderful ones I’ve received this year!

Clothes and more clothes!


#1. LNA skirt from Ps & Jiahui #2. Ed Hardy top from Boss & Jacq #3. Skin top from Nic & Lillian #4. Polka dot skimpy top from my fellow leaders #5. Desigual dress from Subzone

Happy to add these into my wardrobe!

Accessories and $$$


#1. Moschino watch from CG #2. Cap land vouchers also from CG #3. Angpow from colleagues #4. Studded bracelet from fellow leaders #5. Beaded hairclip from Ps & Jiahui #6. LNA ring from Ps & JIahui

And here’s what my family got!


#1. Jacket from NewLook from my siblings #2. Pouch from my siblings #3. Kate Spade from hubby! Missing #4. Bag which is still on the ship on the way to Singapore from my siblings

I must say hubby’s taste has really improved! He got me a classic patent striped bag.


THANK YOU for all the wonderful gifts!

And here’s the last present…. from myself! :) Excuses i know!


Polka dot gel nails!


San said...

Love the nails! Hahah!

Jerb said...

Haha, yeah!