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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Baby Dedication

It was an exciting day for the Lim family yesterday….

Julien was going to be dedicated at church!!!

I think Daddy and Mommy were much more nervous than Baby about the dedication! We heard that about 124 babies were going to be dedicated over the weekend. Wow!

As it was Family Day @ church as well, the kids get to join their parents for a great service together in the main hall. When we reached, we met Elmo, Barney and many more friendly cartoon characters around.


Daddy, why did you show off my leg?!

Before the dedication started, we were trying to put Julien to sleep so that he would not be cranky when he gets prayed for! I heard that the past batches of parents would bring all sorts of stuffs to soothe their babies in case they create a scene on stage- pacifiers, honey stars and whatever tricks/treats!

Here’s Daddy and Baby getting ready to queue up to go on stage.


Does Julien look jittery or what??

The time came for us to go up on stage. There were 60 odd couples with their babies on the stage that day! I realized then how BIG our stage was.


And Pastor and Sun went around patiently and lovingly to pray for each and every little baby…

Can’t wait for our turn! Can you spot the 3 of us waiting?


Met Raj on stage who snapped a picture of us!


Both me and Daddy had to take turns to carry our as-heavy-as-a-sack-of-rice Baby. We were trying to also find comfy positions for our little Prince as much as we know how. He was getting just a little cranky…! Hold on pleasseee!

Finally, our turn came!

And Pastor and Sun prayed over Julien. We managed to get a screen shot of the LED of that special moment!


Indeed like what Pastor prayed, we pray that Julien grows up to be wise, strong and full of the Holy Spirit. That he be a man after God’s own heart.

Amen. :)

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