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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pretty face


Ok, I must say my son has quite a pretty face, as you can see here in this photo. Big eyes, long eye lashes, a sweet ‘lil mouth and a cute pinkish blush on his cheeks. Pretty pretty.

And we had to ‘beautify’ him further by not cutting his hair.

My MIL had brought Julien out a couple of days last week and received numerous compliments comments that she has a pretty 8-month old grandDAUGHTER.

Ok, the ‘pretty’ and ‘granddaughter’ part could be our fault. As for the ‘8-month old’ (FYI, my son is only 5+ month old) part, my MIL has got to take responsibility for that!

And so after constant, in fact daily nagging by my MIL, off to the hairdresser’s we went. Read about it in my next post!


Inthedaisies said...

He definitely has a 美男子face,undoubtedly going to be a 师奶杀手 next time! =D

Jerb said...

Thks for the compliment! I hope so too! Hee!