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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Julien’s jetplane

Not! It’s his new baby walker cum rocker.


Doesn’t Julien look too proud of his new toy here?

We were quite hesitant initially about getting him a walker because of negative reports regarding baby’s safety. Babies gain excess speeds, heights and accesses to multiple hazards. Read more about it here. In fact, they say walkers does NOT help your baby to walk faster.

OOPS! So why did we buy the walker?

I guess because mummy has run out of places/things to entertain my little boy. Some days, he seemed bored with lying on the bed, the bouncer and sitting on the armchair propped in between 2 huge cushions.

And so off we went to Kiddy Palace and got the $70+ Lucky Baby walker! I think he likes it for awhile….


I will have to make sure that I do not leave him unsupervised. Anyway right now, Julien does not know how to ‘fly in his jetplane’ yet. We still have to move him along.


When he knows how to move around on his own, we’ll have to decide again whether or not to continue putting him in this walker.


If you noticed in one of the above photos, the little desk in front of Julien is supposed to have a detachable plate of toy gears for the jetplane.

But because his neck is still not strong enough, he tended to knock his face onto the front. *Ouch!*

So, we had to put a cushion toy in front of him instead.


If he falls flat literally, no problem now!


Enjoy the ride while you can babe!

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