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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Japanese Buffet in the East

After some research last night, the hubby found Momoya - a Japanese restaurant offering ala carte buffet in the East… near Bedok Simpang!


momoya out


It cost a very affordable $30/++ per pax for dinner and there are (if I didn’t remember wrongly) 127 items on the menu, excluding drinks and desserts.


We were ordering so many dishes from one side of the menu and got a shock when we flipped the menu over to find some MORE dishes available!


The place had a cosy, dim-lighted interior. Restaurant was half-fiilled for a weekday night.

The staff were friendly and efficient. what to eat

Here are some of the dishes we tried.

I like the black pepper beef as compared to the special sauced one.


Very delicious cod roe spaghetti.

cod roe sphagetti

Sushi was slightly above average…

Smoked pork and cheese wrapped with rice paper. Too much rice.

pork cheese

Soft shell crab with cheese and some crab roe sushi.


Soft shell crab handroll.


Octopus… after I cleaned it from the excess sauce and placed it nicely on my pretty plate!


SASHIMI! I only eat the salmon ones…

Honestly it is not dee best but fresh enough! And the best thing, it’s FREE FLOW!

Round 1…

sashimi 1

Round 2.. This time they served me the fatty, supposedly more premium part of the fish.

sashimi 2

Smoked salmon salad. I like salmon!

smoked salmon salad

Sinful pork cutlet.

fried cutlet

Potato gratin. potato gratin

And more!


From top left: Chawanmushi, ebi tempura, baked curry katsu don, plum soda, deep fried chicken cutlet, omu rice.


From top left: Deep fried salmon skin, mushroom tempura, udon, egg plant and sweet potato tempura, some baked cheese spaghetti and tori teriyaki.

And all these while, my little boy quietly played with his little feet! He was such a good boy! :)


But he was so glad when Gong Gong finished eating and went over to carry him! “Finally you guys remember me!”



What a great time of fellowship and food with family!


Klessis said...

Wow looks really good!!! For $30++, it's really worth it huh?! I'm going to try it out!! =)

Jerb said...

Yup! Definitely worth a try! Do remember to call in to book just in case...

Edmund said...

Wa...Looks like I must go and try also! :)

Jerb said...

Yes, don't have to travel to Bukit Timah area to get good Jap buffets!

NiQ is saying... said...

i am left drooling before your blog right now jerb haha! and baby Julien is real cute with the part where you all finished eating and rmb him part =)

Jerb said...

Thanks Niq! ;)