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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feeding my 6-month old – Baby Cereal

I have finally stopped expressing BM since 2 weeks ago. I felt like a small part of my old life is back. No more setting my internal alarm clock at every 4-hour intervals. No more transporting breast pump, cups and what have you everywhere I went. No more waking up early in the morning. FREEDOM!

But of course, I have never regretted going through all the inconveniences to feed my baby BM. It is still the best for him.

And so now, I seriously had to start planning Julien’s menu. That’s a new headache.

We had invested in an Avent food steamer cum blender for babies and toddlers during the last Phillips sale and I had tried making a carrot and sweet potato puree for him. But I failed and haven’t got the time to experiment some more. Well, that’s another story…

For the past 1.5 weeks or so, we have been feeding Julien 4 feeds a day. 3 of these feeds are a mixture of BM (Thank God I managed to store excess BM from the last couple of months) and Friso milk. This is to help him gradually wean off BM and get used to the taste of the ‘new’ milk.

For the first few feeds, Julien seemed very apprehensive. But I guess his hunger got the better of him and he would finish off the entire bottle eventually. Now, he drinks his milk without even batting an eyelid.

For 1 feed a day, Julien would get rice cereal- either Frisocreme or a brown rice cereal.


That would also be the time he gets spoon-fed as well.

I am using a Tollyjoy feeding bowl and spoon.IMG_1255

Not too sure if all feeding bowls have this function. But notice the knob at the side of the bowl? You could open it and pour boiling water into the bottom of the bowl so that the rice cereal is kept warm.

I think it’s really useful. The first time I fed Julien rice cereal, it took 1 hour!

And have I told you, feeding Julien the rice cereal is a torturous affair? For the both of us.

I am not sure if it’s the spoon-feeding that he doesn’t like, or the taste of the rice cereal… but the moment Julien sees his feeding bowl, he starts to cry!

Nice pose

This picture is for the camera. Do not be deceived by it.

Julien would cry 55% of the time when he eats the cereal. Think BIG * FAT tears and loud wails. 

The other 45% of the time, I get zip tight lips, a mouth that spits and blows out cereal (where did he learn that from?!), his face that will tilt sideways while his mouth is opened so that cereal will slide out and ‘4’ pairs of hands to block the path of the spoon…. He’s a natural. A smart one I tell you!




I felt like giving up. But I thought about it and decided. I will train him to eat his cereal. I can’t always give in to him right? What if he ends up being a fussy eater and hating vegetables like his Dad?? Unthinkable. Better start training, NOW!

And indeed, today was a vast improvement! Still alot of crying and ‘patterns’ but I took only half an hour to feed him the entire bowl.

Check out his battle-weary face after the entire ordeal.


Hero Daddy came along at the end to save the day and rescue Julien from the hand of the torturer! *I love Dad*!!!dad

Well, one of us had to be the ‘bad’ guy.

Anyway, I’ve promised Julien I would quickly learn how to make good purees and introduce him to the wonderful and colorful world of REAL food! I and I am sure Julien too can’t wait!


Esther said...

Wah Julien is a big Boy!
I had some prob with C too initially untill I realized the bb spoon that I had was too "rounded" and tough for his little mouth. I bought a combi feeding spoon (the starter spoon) , kinda bendable plastic material and it is spherical instead of round, fits into his mouth nicely. Since then,C has no prob eating. So trial and error, jia you jerb!!!

Jerb said...

Yes, i will continue to experiment here and there too... Thks Esther!

Anonymous said...

Try getting the pigeon spoon for starters. It's good cos of the shape n design. When u put the spoon on the table, the mouth part will not touch the table so the spoon always stay clean. I love it to bits!

Julien is such a handsome boy with big eyes!

Jerb said...

Ok, I will go take a look at Pigeon's if things doesn't improve! Thanks alot! :)