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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fashion for Mummies - Accessories

Who says mummies can be excused from being fashionable?

Who says mummies needs to look tired and older than their age because they have no time and energy to look good?

Who says mummies have no more reasons to look good?

When I became pregnant, I told myself “I’ll NOT be a sloppy auntie”. And so should you, Mummy!

I know with the addition of a kid in the family, our household costs escalates. For me, I used to be a shopaholic, but now shopping for myself has dropped very low in my list of priorities.

However, after my pregnancy and when I started slimming down, I was dying to spruce up my wardrobe. But how do I do it without bursting my tighter budget?

I decided to go for ACCESSORIES.

I wish I can tell you that all of my accessories are from Tiffany & Co or Thomas Sabo. But no, most of my accessories are from the very affordable Diva, Mphosis and Forever 21!

Here are some accessories I got AFTER my pregnancy. They were either given to me by friends or bought by myself. I really loved wearing them as they have the ability to jazz up your otherwise plain dressing.


This necklace should be the focal point of your dressing. Go light on other accessories.

Wear this necklace with a plain, solid color top or dress.

Think fitted tee, jeans and a pair of flats OR a spaghetti or strapless dress with black ankle booties. Cool!


necklace 2


Chunky necklace from Sandy. :)

Wear this with a plain fitted t-shirt or a sleeveless top with jeans. I wore it with a maxi dress today. Makes you look effortlessly chic instantly!



ring back

This was love at first sight! I was worried at first that I wouldn’t be able to move my two fingers.. but I could!

Another accessory to note here… Gel french manicure! This is the 3rd week I am wearing it and it still looks so good. I guess gel manicure will become a permanent accessory for me!



butterfly back

Another love at first sight for me. I seldom could find a non-silver accessory I like. But this is perfect! It glitters and makes me feel so girly wearing it.

And the best part is the ring is elastic! No excuse even if your fingers become chubbier after pregnancy!



As you can see, I am into chunky, bold, girly accessories these days. This black and white chunky bracelet adds that funkiness to my dressing any day.

Now, I hope you are inspired!

Don’t give up looking good Mummy!


Sweetiepiebabe said...

Hi,very nice accessories, may i know where did you get the rings and accessories? they are lovely! :)

Jerb said...

Hi Sweetie, rings are from Forever 21 (Vivo), chunky bracelet from Mphosis and bib necklace from Diva. :)