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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Belated Birthday Dinner at Tony Roma’s, Dessert at MOF

After a long day @ Suntec on Sunday, I met up my siblings for my belated birthday meal at Tony Romas @ Suntec.

We were hungry and each ordered the combo meal consisting of 2 different types of meat and 2 sides. Average price of our combos (before all the surcharges) was $30.

Starters- Free bread with garlic spread


Mine- Steak and southwestern chicken combo


Val’s- Chili ribs and BBQ chicken


Her chicken looked GOOOOOD close up….


But she felt that the meats were a tad too dry for her liking…

Jas’s BBQ chicken and ribs. She was VERY proud to show off that she could not finish up her food.


And the hubby ordered steak with fish fillet thinking the latter would be a healthier choice. But he was wrong…


I would rate the food an average of 6.5-7/10.

me and jared

BTW, something very random. I bought myself a bag holder from Mini Toons for only $5+! Very useful if you do not want to dirty your bag by placing it on the floor when you eat!

bag holder

Next stop, Ministry of Food (MOF), which was a few units away.

Here’s the assurance from the Jap restaurant.


I must say we all felt that the desserts at MOF here had maybe dropped in standard…


The Japanese Sweet Potato (Imo) used to be a must-eat here with it’s piping hot exterior and sweet mushy interior. But it was not the usual crispy ‘lil thing that night… Disappointing.

What we enjoyed most was the low fat, Hokkaido gelato flavors. Tasty, refreshing and good to know it’s low-fat :)


What a week of feasting… Put on almost 2 kilos this week! :p Dieting starts today!

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