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Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby’s first foods (puree)

If you had read my previous post on feeding cereal to my baby, I am happy to let you know that it’s getting better!

I wanted to whip up something different for my boy to try as promised. 

Wanted something not as sweet as fruits for a start because he might not like the vegetables later. And yet I didn’t want to turn him off with the greens right from the start...

I pondered over it and decided it would be the PUMPKIN first. :)

I got the Australian pumpkin (the usual one is from Indonesia I think) which looked more orange and brighter in color.


I was excited to try my Avent steamer cum blender.


It should be easy right? Instructions say dump in the cubed ingredients, turn knob to the left to steam, then turn knob to the right to blend. If only cooking is always so easy!

But things did not turn out well. The steamer didn’t seem to work properly and after half an hour of trying to steam, the pumpkin was still not cooked! It was supposed to be nice and soft after 15 minutes… :(

In the end, I had to transfer the pumpkin cubes to my faithful AMC pot. After steaming, I mashed it easily with the help of a metal spoon and small siever.

Thank God it turned out so nice in the end. It looked so good I feel like eating it myself!


And so Julien had his first REAL food in his life! How did he take to it?


As usual he cried and struggled when he sighted the feeding bowl. But thank God he began to calm down when he tasted the puree.


And soon he finished up half of the 200g of pumpkin! *BURP!*

Mummy was OVERJOYED!

Feeling encouraged, I decided I will be whipping up more purees for Julien. Next, I’ll be mixing mashed bananas (the short, sweet kind… not the del monte please!) into his rice cereal (Hopefully that will help him swallow his cereal!). And then the broccoli, sweet potato, apple, carrots and more. It’s kinda fun to experiment with more foods!

I am not sure if it’s my imagination but it seemed to me that my baby has grown a little bigger and longer these days! :)


A few tips I’ve learnt about this exciting new phase of my baby’s life:

1. Introduce solids one at a time, waiting for at least 3 days after each new food. This is to help identify any allergies that baby might have.

2. Some people prefer to start with greens instead of the sweeter yellow fruits and vegetables. But yet some people say the latter is easier to digest. You decide!

3. I realized Julien’s stools became harder and firmer after starting on solids. I read that it’s normal especially if you feed rice cereal and/or bananas. So try putting baby on other fruits and vegetables and get him to drink some water. It’ll help!

4. It’s good to expose baby to a wide variety of foods. But if baby seem to not like a certain food, don’t give up too soon as it takes time for him to develop his taste for it. In fact, baby might eventually end up loving it!

Happy experimenting!

UPDATE: I found a great website about introducing baby first foods. Do check it out.


Jayme Shing said...

wow! Looks so yummy!! And sounds so fun!

Edmund said...

The closeups on the food looks good! :)

San said...

Haha! Oh, and you forgot one more...


Make a batch, and freeze into ice-cubes so that you can pop the cubes into whatever you wanna mix with. Easier that whipping this from scratch all the time! :)

Jerb said...

Thanks Shing and Ed!

Yup San! But I think my son can finish a few cubes at a go! Will make more next time :)

Karen said...

Jerb, I have a cookbook mainly recipies for babies,i pass it to you. its a white elephant sitting on my book shelf now since i shut down my "factory".

Jerb said...

Ok Karen, I'll get it from u soooon! Thks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Looking from the pic of your Avent steamer steaming the pumpkin, I think u had placed the steamer in the wrong side?? I'm not sure but my Avent steamer would never let me activate the steam function if placed on the wrong side. However yours seemed possible with the steam light litted up. U should b placing the cover-side down if u r steaming right?

Correct me if I'm wrong :-)