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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Baby Spa – Hwa Xia Inter’al

And off we went to get a haircut for Baby Julien. His second one in his 6 months on planet Earth. He must have inherited this ‘quick growing hair’ genes from his daddy.

We decided to try out this Baby Spa place we passed by the other day at Harbour Front Centre called Hwa Xia Inter’al. Is there a spelling mistake here??IMG_1194

As this shop offers baby swimming as well, we decided that after Julien’s haircut, we’ll get him to have his first ever swim and at the same time wash away all the small little stray hairs after Julien’s hair cut! Heehee!

Here’s a really cool car for your little car-lover to sit in as he gets his hair cut. Now, where’s the pumpkin carriage for the little girls?IMG_1195

Here’s father and son getting ready for the haircut…


So how did our little boy fare in terms of his behavior? I think the hairdresser gave him 11 out of 10 points! She kept saying that he’s such a good boy. Made us such proud parents for that moment!

The hairdresser snipped at the back….


Snipped at the side…


She snipped at the front…


And Julien looked happy…




A little stunned…


But he just didn’t cry! :) Well done Julien!

After his haircut, we sent him straight to the tub…

They changed him into his swimming diaper and assisted him in doing his warm ups.

warm up

Then they put the float over his head…


There was another little boy next to us and boy did he scream as he was put into his swimming tub. But when we put Julien into his,…happy1

There was a W-I-D-E grin plastered over his face! So cute!

We couldn’t resist taking turns to take a picture with our son swimming!

us and baby

There were even cheerleaders at the side cheering him on… Gong Gong, Po Po and cousin Raeanne!


He floated about in the warm water for the next 10-15 minutes happily….


until he started crying…..!


We didn’t take him out straightaway as we wanted to stretch his limits or rather stretch our dollar…. We eventually relented when he started wailing…


The total bill came up to be $49 ($16 for hair cut, $2 for diaper and $31 for swimming). No wonder many of my friends say it is more worth it to purchase our own big bath tub and float!


Xia said...

Love all the pix you captured of Julien! Even the wailing one looks cute! Oops. ;)

San said...

Haha! Ya - you should definitely get the tube for some home swimming! He looks like he LURVES the water!

Jerb said...

@ Xia: Thanks! Yes i think the wailing one is the cutest haha!

@ San: Hmm... I might consider... ;)