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Monday, February 21, 2011

Staring incidents

Rattlers, soft toys, hard toys… you name it, I’ve tried it. Julien seemed pretty uninterested in them. I really wanted to get him to start training playing with toys… I mean isn’t it terribly boring to be a baby?? Eat, sleep, cry, pee & pooh and just lie around. What a life!

I then noticed at the age of 3-4 months, Julien began staring at his hand. One, then the other. It kept him preoccupied for a relatively long period each time. 


An idea came to my mind. How about if I bought those hand rattlers, those that are attached around baby’s wrists? If Julien stares at his hand, he would notice these toys on him and start playing with the rattlers right?! Mummy is a GENIUS!


We were very excited about this new toy!


Julien was NOT.

These cute stuffs remained oblivious to our baby! Awww….

And so just when I thought nothing else would interest my son, I realized he found a new toy by himself…




Oh well, maybe it’s a good thing that Julien loves playing (or rather staring) with his little hands and feet. Looking on the bright side, this means Mummy and Daddy doesn’t need to spend money on toys and no need to lug his toys around! :)


Xia said...

Hey! Aaric is playing with his legs too! In fact, he always lift up his legs and uses his hands to touch his toes. All these in the middle of the night... *yawns*

Jerb said...

Yes, maybe it's like that for little boys... Future soccer players??! ;)

jotoh said...

Haha... He just cant wait to grow up! Love your boy! Very charming!

Jerb said...

Thanks jotoh! :)